Quality of Feather River fiberglass doors?

MistressJoyApril 24, 2006

Apparently years ago Feather River was a quality company that grew too fast, went bankrupt, sold its assets and had a trademark name dispute with Fine Doors. As recently as 2005 there are reports of folks not getting doors, etc., while legal battles dragged on.

While I can't imagine Home Depot (who now carries them) offering a brand that is a problem, I am not sure of the quality and reputation of whatever company now has the name, and makes the product.

Does anyone know more about this, and whether they are a quality door?


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well, I can offer you this. I just received a FR Double French Door, with mini blinds between the glass, special ordered at Home Depot and delivered to my house by Home Depot. After the door was hung, by our contractor, it was noticed that there are scratches on the metal of the blinds between the glass on both sides of both doors.
I went to HD and told them, they said it was a FR issue and gave me their Warrenty Tech Line phone number.

I called FR and they asked to be sent pictures. I took pictures the best I could (glass is hard to photograph) and sent them the pictures of the scratches. When I spoke to them again today I was told by them it was not covered by their warrenty.

They said that it is the responsibility of HD to find that kind of issue when they receive it.
They also said that the damage could have occurred during shipment due to the glass rubbing on the blinds, anyone with half a brain can see it is next to impossible for that to have happend, that response was crap.

I am about to head over to HD and see what they have to say. The door was a little less expensive than Pella or Anderson but now I've lost the difference in my time spent.

In short, FR built a product that has damage that occurred during manufacturing and won't own up to it. My suggestion, look elsewhere. Quality goes beyond the materials, it's how the company backs up their products.

I'll repost when the saga is over.

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I received this message from a reader via my personal email, and thought it worth posting here:

[This message originated at GardenWeb]

I had trouble submitting my posting so I thought I would email you directly. Heed my warning and do NOT purchase Feather River Doors. I read the other posting and my story is much the same. To make a very very long story brief: I special ordered double interior french doors back in November and after I rejected the first 2 shipments (wrong size door and defective glass) my doors finally arrived late March. However, the obscured glass that I ordered is already beginning to speck and smear. Home Depot tells me it's a Feather River issue, Feather River says its a Home Depot issue--although both companies agree the doors are not right. I am currently trying to find the name and address of the CEO of Feather River to voice my complaint and get some help resolving the issue. The doors cost over $1,000 and I cannot believe FR will not stand by their product or warranty.

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We fell in love with a set of Feather River interior french doors at home depot. Were willing to blow our $500-600 budget on this item because they were so unique (have a cubed, obscured glass pattern and perfect for our new study/office). The person who helped us said Feather River is a major seller at the HD in our area. After hearing szimet and darlene, we may stick to a hines lumber FD with complete obscure glass. I still cannot beleive Home Depot would respond as they did? Feather River products are not cheap, either!! I look forward to hearing follow-up from szimet and darlene. Does anyone have any brand recommendations for interior french doors?

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I love those interior doors, too. The cubed pattern of the glass is wonderful. I'm guessing they're less trouble-prone than exterior doors with thermapane glass or embedded blinds or integrated sidelites. It would be pretty easy to check them for damage before they got installed.

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Yep, those are the ones!!! We were at our local HD today looking at solid, interior doors and I brought up the FR issue with the millwork guy. He acknowledged that there have been problems, so the system at present is that all FR doors are delivered to HD to be checked before the buyer comes in for pick-up. He said that all door companies are having issues with quality control because demand is so high, including a company like ThermaTru. I've seen postings on this site about probs. with ThermaTru...so whose to say..

We had 2 sets of Pella Pro-Line exterior French doors installed almost two years ago (bought from Menards), and Pella was very responsive to any issues. They did send someone out to check the scratches on one door, but replaced it w/o any hassle. They returned again to deal with other issues, that in the end I think were due to poor installation. However, I've heard from people that they've not had such responsiveness from Pella these days...

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So, before I ventured to HomeDepot to complain I sent one last email to FeatherRiver.

Please forward to your Supervisor.

Isn't it nice that people are talking about your products.


In less than an hour I got a phone call that they were going to cover the issue as a warrenty repair and proceeded to take the rest of my information. I was informed that both panels would be replaced, once the glass arrived at HomeDepot an installer would call and arrange to install.
So, sad to say, the squeeky wheel gets the oil, it shouldn't need to be this way.

The following is the email I just sent out today. My adventure Part II.

Since it seems nobody has been kept in the loop by your computer system.

Some time back the replacement glass arrived and the installer came with them. As I was showing him the scratches he remarked that he was never made aware of what the issue was and did not look for that when he picked up the glass at Home Depot. Needless to say he opened the 2 packages and BOTH were also damaged in the same way. We examined the windows and he said how surprised he was that nobody was catching this.

We examined the scratches and of course 1 was completely worse than both of the originals and 1 was marginally better than what existed. Since the tech and his helper made the trip I figured why not replace the 1 window .... bad idea. In changing the glass there was a problem getting the blind to sit correctly (1 side was up higher than the other). I was outside working in the yard and close to an Hour later he called me in to show me the state of the window.

In trying to resolve the Blind issue, one of the slats was slightly bent and when the blind is all the way down and open (horizontal) there is a noticeable disparity on the one side. Since I believed this entire situation was not resolved and would be continued I had him leave it and not spend another half hour or more putting the other glass back in.

The tech took pictures, made notes and said that the information regarding this situation would be put into his report in the computer system. I'm guessing nobody reads these since I have not been contacted

How does Feather River plan on addressing the situation in your manufacturing and in my door ?


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We went with Therma-Tru, recommended by our contractor. I did some research and it does seem that they are high quality.

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I'm wondering if doorguysean works for them too! We purchased one of those great looking Feather River mahogany doors in cherry at our local Home Depot. It became a nightmare. The previous day we installed a Lowe's fiberglass 6-panel door in our kitchen to the garage and it went in perfectly. So, on Super Bowl Sunday, my husband with a helper thought he could install the Feather River. Not so. Everything was done according to instructions and then they couldn't get the door open and when they did, the hinges were misaligned with the top one badly bent. The top hinge was not even in the cutout of the door. My husband was furious. He returned and they looked through every door at the store and found they all had misaligned hinges. They brought back the one that had the least problems, installed it and the hinges worked fine but the door was so close to the door bottom that you had to use two hands to open and close it. The adjustable door bottom was as far down as it would go. We called the store again and they said they would order another door or find one for us. We went to pick it up and the fiberglass was damaged so they said they'd fit a door to a good jamb and be sure it would work. We picked it up and installed it and the same problem with the door bottom. Everything was perfectly level and square. Our helper feels the jambs might be part of the problem but also the hinges not being aligned correctly to have enough space on the bottom. You could see the door bottom dragged. It would have eventually torn. The doors in stock do not have wood jambs but are a plastic. We returned the last door...all this occurred in 6 days. We are now back at square one looking for an entry door. I was really disappointed as the cherry mahogany door matched our wood floor and the outside brick perfectly and would have looked great. If only it could have been installed. The person in Customer Service told my husband another door had been returned just like it the other day, not by us, but by one of their best installers. We were not only disappointed but disgusted and feel the factory's quality control is severely lacking. Needless to say, we were afraid to special order one with a wood jamb for fear we would have just as many problems.

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I bought a wood 10-light interior door. I think the cost was roughly $300. 15-light interior doors go for $99 at Lowe's. I really wanted the 10-light for design reasons. It was a little more contemporary which fit our aesthetic. I ordered the Feather River Door at HD. With all the other incoming construction materials for our large project piling up, I didn't think I needed to inspect the door. Plus, the packaging was pristine and there clearly hadn't been any freight damage. Wish I hadn't assumed it was okay! It was already installed before I noticed the chipping and dinging on the wood mullions. It was clearly a milling issue. This door should never have been passed by QA. Oh well. I knew there was next to nothing I could do at that point. When I painted I did my best to putty and sand over the messed up areas. Another problem was that the plastic they used to cover the glass (this was a pre primed door so they obviously cover the glass before priming) was fastened to the glass so incredibly tight that I virtually had to scrape the darn stuff off centimeter by centimeter with a razor blade. When I needed another interior door guess what I did? Went to Lowe's and got the $99 version. The wood was cut perfectly and the plastic over the glass peeled off without any trouble. I think the Feather River styles are quite nice but personally, I wouldn't buy one again. Especially not an exterior door which has to perform in tougher conditions than my interior door!

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After our fiasco I described above with the Feather River entry door, we installed a Benchmark wood grain entry door with beveled glass from Lowe's. Started about 2 pm and it's in and opens and closes like a charm. I think Lowe's needs to carry more of these doors in the various stains as there isn't much choice unless you want to special order, which I was afraid to do after all the trouble with the Home Depot door. I will send a link to this page as soon as I have a chance to write up a complaint to Home Depot and Feather River. There is obviously something wrong with their Quality Control.

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I just wanted to say thank you for the discussion on this thread! My contractor pointed me to this thread when we asked him about quality of FR doors.

We're looking at Masonite and ThermaTru entry doors and ran into Feather River at Home Depot. Their prehung cherry mahogany door that was available off-the-shelf was about $500 but when customized for our needs, it worked out to about $1500. Which is more than the ThermaTru door. The FR oak door was about $400 off-the-shelf but when customized was about $800.

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Just about the same experiences as transplantedtexan! Our door is the 3/4 oval in cherry mahogany and we bought it (the original one) from HD on 24 January. When delivered, it had what looked like slight shipping/handeling damage on the edge of one of the lower panels. On closer inspection and after looking at a bunch more doors, I have concluded it is a molding defect as it is in the same area on many (most) of these doors. (The door is a wood/mdf core door which appears to be skinned in fiberglass.) After checking about 3 more doors, the store had one without the "damage" to the lower panel so I took it home and the crew installed it. When I opened the door (you don't normally open a pre-hung door before it is installed) I saw that the hinges were not aligned in the mortise on the door...about 1/8 inch out on one side. Out comes the door and back to HD. They finally get restocked and we find another door without the ding to the lower panel. I'm tempted to make them open it before I take it so I can check the hinges. I figure the hinge not being in the mortise is so basic that it was just a rare fluke........wrong!!! When I get it home, I check the hinges and sure enough one is out of the mortise. I figure I can just expand the mortise on that end of the hinge and it will lay down and fit right. But, before I start cutting on a door that might have to go back, I think I should call Feather River and make sure they don't have a problem with my plan. Feather River said if I had a problem with the door I should take it back to HD and get another one; when I explained how many doors I had been through already, they were not impressed and reiterated that if I cut it, I have no warranty. The HD guy told me to give it a try, and if it didn't work, he would back me up. MAJOR POINT: Feather River was TOTALLY unreceptive to any customer feedback about the quality problems with their doors; and the person I was talking to wasn't the general receptionist, he was their Tech Support/Quality Control rep. Anyway, after modifying the mortise, the hinge would fit in, but I found out the hinge was sprung from being forced in the first time. HD got Feather River to send me a new hinge, and I got the door installed this afternoon. Guess what? It really drags the threshold. (I went online to find out how to adjust the threshold, and found this thread.) I will finish tomorrow and make the threshold thinner if I have to.

I would like to point out that the HOME DEPOT guy has been great through the whole ordeal. If you think you want to take a chance on one of these doors....the price is wonderful, and a fiberglass door is SOOO superior to a wood door.....I would recommend that you don't be bashful in the store when you buy it. Make them take it out of the wrapper and inspect it all over; make them stand it up and open it up to check the hinges and check the "drag" on the threshold. When you get one that is right, box it back up and take...

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For what it's worth, I on a window and door company in FL. We sell many fiberglass doors from Therma-Tru, Plastpro, and Masonite. I found this thread researching a glass pattern mentioned by a client. The stories above inspired me to add comment. We occassionally have damage due to shipping but rarely factory-defective product like posted previously. Every issue has been promptly and professionally resolved by us or with assistance from the manufacturers.

May I suggest to all to use a manufacturer's website to locate authorized dealers - any other than the big box stores - for a far better experience. You may have to drive a few more miles and possiby wait a week or three for the doors to arrive, (never more than six weeks and usually less than two). You are likely to find personalized service, abundant knowledge - which is extremely lacking at the big box, and competitive prices. Yes, we compete with HD & Lowes every day.

Remember, "you get what you pay for". Best of luck with your door projects!

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It appears from Feather River's website that the doors are only sold through Home Depot.

Well, wish me luck. The only glass designs I liked were on Feather River doors, so that's what I'm getting. Hopefully the problems have been resolved or were limited to the mahogany/cherry in-store doors (not what I'm getting).

I tried really hard to find a Provia or Jeld-Wen door that I liked, but the glass designs just didn't do it for me.

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the difference between the showroom sample and what was delivered approaches bait & switch. our doors were inferior in many ways. wish we had seen these reviews BEFORE we bought Feather River.

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What style did you get and what was it that disappointed you?

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Do not trust this DOOR GUY fella. He posted the exact same thing on 3cents webpage where people complained about the Feather River fiberglass doors. He probably works for the company and is trying to make everyone feel like the company is making good doors. I mean who would call a customer service person a SWEETHEART?
In my opinion they are overpriced and yet they have so many customer complaints. I was trying to buy FG with mahogany stain with 2 side lites and ONE side lite cost more than the door itself even when the door was special ordered. If you pay over 3k for entry door with 2 side lites then you want the company to make near perfect door.

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I bought FR doors thru Home Depot. After less than 3 years the finish is losing it. I called both HD and FR and have gotten nowhere. I am very pissed off with these doors and I will no longer do business with HD or FR. They both suck!

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I purchased a Feather River exterior door mainly because Home Depot stated that door wouldn't peel or fade due to the weather. The door was fine for the first few years but now the door has started to peel and fade at the bottom part of the door. I just contacted Feather River and the customer support person stated that Home Depot misrepresented the warranty of the door because the exterior door does need the original poly stripped and reapplied every several years. I told them that they need to contact Home Depot and have them stop misrepresenting their door and she 'state they have'. She stated that I need to strip the door and reapply a new layer of poly. She also stated that their website and the warranty directions also state the poly needs to be stripped and reapplied. I'm still not happy since I was originally mislead by Home Depot.

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But the fading problem isn't unique to Feather River doors. When researching doors this winter, I learned that fading/finish deterioration is a problem for all fiberglass doors. And that the main drawback to fiberglass doors is that, despite restaining & repolying, you can never get them to look as good as when they were new.

Driving around here, I see several doors that have a washed out, faded wood look. I suspect they're fiberglass. Here in CT, they just look like antique doors, fortunately. But that look may not be appropriate in areas where antique colonial homes aren't as prevalent.

I looked into other brands, and there are complaints about them as well (not Provia doors, AFAIK). I'm not really convinced that Feather River has more problem doors than Therma-Tru or Masonite or Pella.

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I found this thread on the web and had to sign up just to inform anybody looking to buy one of these.

My father-In-Law purchased a fiberglass entry door with the sidelights ($2,000) a few years ago and already the frame is splitting and rotting out!
The quality of cheap pine they use on these doors is laughable.
Also the fiberglass moldings are separating from the door itself, whatever adhesive they use is failing tremendously.
I first contacted HD for my Father-In-Law (he speaks poor English) and they immediately told me I had to contact the FR warranty department.
FR wanted me to supply them with photos of all the damage areas, which I did.......what a waste of time!!
They took over a MONTH to get back to me only to inform me they wouldn't cover the damage?1?!

These people DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT and are very rude!!!

We are ripping this door out over the weekend and sending it to the dump where it belongs.

Good luck.

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I have been reading the complaints of Feather River doors and have the following story. I am an ex supervisor with the company, quit and am not writing in any way out of despite. With that said, let me tell you a story. Feather River has always been interested in one thing only, MONEY. Once they get the order, you are a second class citizen in their eyes. I saw orders sit over four months with no action. When asked by myself when the orders were to be processed, their reply was always the same, when they quit whining. Quality issues were a daily thing at the plant, and ignored daily as well. The Jambs were Finger jointer pine junk which fell apart in our hands at times and were reglurd and sent out. Rot in the wood was rare but happened. Wrong glass, hardware and accessories were ignored, saying they will send it back if it mattered. Doors had foam voids in them, warping issues and coloration issues. Magic markers were user to touch up scratches and defects, which washed off with water, on an exterior door subjected to water. Jambs were nailed to doors , noticed and never fixed. Once again, if it mattered the consumer will send it back to be fixed. Warped jambs were used rather than tossed out. Treatment of their temp based employees were terrible for the most part, money, money money drove the company over fair treatment. They seldom stood behind their product and daily returns of 30-40 door units daily were not unheard of. Delamination was another known problem not adressed. Fading, chipped glass, wrong swings and sizes, just another day at the office. BUYER BEWARE OF THE DOORS YOU NOW OWN OR ARE THINKING OF BUYING. I feel fortunate I quit years ago, life is good now knowing I am an honest person again. And Home Depot was known many times to threaten to quit carrying their products if they did not shape up. HOME DEPOT I'm ashamed of you for continuing to carry their products. I've been a LOWES shopper and will be till you shape up. Once again, I just want people to know their complaints were heard, they just choose to ignore you, business as usual.

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Hi I wish I would have read this sooner. I purchased a FR exterior front door, medium oak. I love the look. It's been installed less than a month and to me, at the bottom, it's starting to look faded. The inside of the door remains a nice rich color. The outside of the door appears several shades lighter. I called customer service and she had me send pictures (not easy to capture the faded area). There response, "After reviewing the photos we have determined it is the pattern of the grain and the horizontal direction that causes the wood to appear lighter. This is not a warranty issue and replacing the slab (door only) is not going to change the appearance.
As far as the caulking I can only advise how to remove it, I am unable to send a Rep out to take care of it for you. You can use a straight edge to clean it off the glass and then use an ice cube on the rest which will help harden it and make it easier to peel off."

Maybe so, but it looks faded to me. It's on the west side of the house and gets a lot of mid day sun.

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We have just installed FR interior doors for our closets. Had seen them used and went with the obscure glass with the grids. They absolutely look amazing BUT getting the grids to snap into the door and getting the clasps driven into the wood is very difficult- has been driving my husband crazy! The claps do not keep the grids in place or snug against the glass. He has been at it for 5 hours and still not happy. Wish I would have read this BEFORE. The doors with grids are ridiculously expensive. Again, the look is wonderful but now concerned about the durability, etc. and if the grids will ever stay in place.

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This may wind up looking like a shill, but here goes anyway...
I'd been looking at Feather River's interior doors for a couple years at Home Depot. I've been wanting to acoustically divide the Front of the house from the back, and really liked their triple pane glass doors. Even after reading these posts a couple months ago I went ahead and bought one of their Crown Jewel collection doors (grand total ~$1500). It arrived 2 weeks ahead of the quoted delivery date, which was nice, In hanging it the only problems were that the strike plate mortise needed to be adjusted so the door would close tight, and the screws mounting the hinges to the frame were too short to reach into the house framing, a definite necessity for a door this heavy.
So the door is in, looks and works great. (Huge sigh of relief)
I just wanted to let people know that at least some of Feather River's stuff is OK.

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Mine are 9 months old now. No problems with installation and no problems otherwise. Very happy with them so far. They are white on the exterior, so no fading to report.

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(Found this thread while looking for something else...)

I have one of the Feather River "Theme Collection" interior doors for my pantry and love the door...no quality or installation issues whatsoever. My door is a little over a year old and I still love it! Maybe it was my installer, but it's the smoothest opening/closing door in the whole house! [Door was purchased from HD in spring 2008.]

Long distance shot:

Here is a link that might be useful: Feather River Doors (Click on

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Beautiful post above me, wish I had a kitchen like that. I searched and searched both lowes and Home Depot. It seems Feather River is only sold thru Home Depot.The ones lowes carried were more expensive but looked Cheap. So my husband and I purchased a door because of the look and appearance of the wood but later found out its not wood its fiberglass.... I have to say I am so impressed, I didnt think that I would be saying how silly I was thinking this door was wood. Needless to say Im happy, It was a little tight when opening and closing but I notice now after 2 months its easing up.I notice these negative comments on here are just single post, with no follow up or any other usage to the site. So I felt it was time to share my experience.

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Ok--I was considering Feather River but after these posts I'm back to square one--I'm looking for a fiberglass, custom door (my opening is higher than average) from a good, medium-priced manufacturer. I'm in the Washington, DC area.

Any suggestions???

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I noticed a sale at Home Depot, Im going to get the interior doors for the dining room. wish me luck.... with over a million doors sold im sure there wont be a problem with quality...I hope to post photos of my project when finish.

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I just bought two Feather River doors from Home Depot and they are installed. I don't have one complaint about the doors. They are really nice. Nicest doors i have ever owned as far as looks. Thumbs up from me!

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Our door was expertly installed by HD's people, who only install doors, and was fine until the glue around the center window frame began to bleed. We've removed it twice but as soon as the weather is hot, it happens once again. Covering scratches with the stain sticks they provide does not do a satisfactory job. My letters to them via email have been answered, but they are brief and in essence say: It's your problem; use the stain stick and cut the glue away with an exacto knife. How much glue is left to hold the window frame in place is my concern. My door is about 2-1/2 years old and on a covered porch. I would not recommend this door as it is beginning to fade, I can't cover the scratches, and today a piece of the sweep under the door came loose and had to be removed. Good price, poor quality

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I purchased a Feather River door in 2008, cost me over $2000,00 with the sidelites. Before warranty was up the door started to fade terribly. First the company said they would replace it then changed their minds because they said I hadn't treated the door properly. Well I treated it last year and this year it is peeling like crazy and spots that were treated are now fading also. Do not buy any doors from Feather River. They are a horrible company to deal with and give you no satisfaction.

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Our exterior Feather River door is about three years old. It looked very nice for the first year. Last year it started looking pretty rough and now the finish is peeling off, the glue keeps seeping from around the moulding and we aren't sure what to do to fix the finish. Our door faces West and so gets the afternoon sun. Would love to know if anyone has successfully refinished their fiberglass door.
I will never buy another of these products again.

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Mine are 4 years old now, still look & work great. They are white, though, not a faux wood finish, and are protected from strong sun by a porch gable. Glad we didn't go with a faux wood finish.

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In a quality door with a proper finish the woodgrain finish is not an issue. But it all starts with a quality product and Feather River is not one of them.

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I disagree that the woodgrain finish isn't an issue. A quick internet search will show you that this is a common problem and is inevitable. A woodgrain fiberglass door by *any brand* WILL fade over the years. The darker color absorbs more sunlight & heat compared to my white finished door which reflects light & heat. That's why I chose a white door for my sunny, hot entry. And after four years, the finish is still good.

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I have to replace my front doors that are solid wood, I've been reading Feather River doors, and there have been so many negative things that I'm worried about choosing this brand. Do you know of any other brand of door that might be better or can stear me to some positive comments about the doors? Thanks

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Therma Tru is a good door, Provia, HMI are about the best in a fiberglass or steel door. Jeldwen Masonite and anything sold by a box store (HD, Lowes etc) is crap.

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I purchased Feather River Exterior Doors through Home Depot in Bensalem, PA based on the recommendation of the sales person in May 2011. Since I was having a great deal of renovations done on my home at the time rather than pay Home Depot to install them I had my contractor do the installation. When he unwrapped the doors that were delivered he noticed that the brick molding on one side was broken. Then he noticed that the doors were scratched and the finish was not even. But at this point they had already removed the existing doors so we had no alternative but to install them.

I contacted Home Depot and Feather River and sent in pictures. They offered to credit me 10% or replace the slaps. I unfortunately chose to have them replaced. The replacement was done by Home Depot, I thought, but now I am told that it was done by a company that handles the warranty inspections UTS. I noticed that my doors wouldn't stay locked and thinking nothing of it I adjusted the keeper on the lock and got it to stay locked. This was my second error. Because I kept looking and I could see the outside between my doors and they never seemed fully closed.

After suffering through this horrible winter and feeling the air just flowing in from the outside I put a request into the Customer Service Department to have someone check the doors. A representative from UTS came out and told us that the installation was out by 1/4" on the side of the stationary door and there was a bump in the threshold of the operating door which is why my sweepers kept having to be replaced. And he also said the operating door was bowed by 1/8".

Feather River now says that there is an installation problem so the warranty on the doors is voided. When I asked why the person that installed the new slabs, by the way he dropped the operating door during the installation, I was told he was there to install them not inspect them.

I have now hired an independent contractor to inspect the doors and correct them if needed. I am also going to post this on every blog site I can to warn other unsuspecting consumers of this shoddy product. It looks good but is not good quality.

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Also have one of these doors that are about 4 years old and the finish is starting to bubble and peel. ..has anyone here had any luck removing the finish and refinishing? Just want to know if it's worth doing? As it seems the materials and time spent can be costly..

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sure that is not the door itself? Looks to me like the fiberglass coming apart.

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