I'm retiring today !

lindaoh_gwOctober 28, 2011

This is my last day of work. I am so ready to stay home and quilt.

We are also expecting our first grandchild in March. Yesterday we found out the baby is a boy, Elijah Greyson. I am going to the LQS tomorrow to buy fabric for his quilt. I am making a quilt with appliqued owls and trees.

Now I am off to my last day of work!

Linda OH

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Congratulations, Linda! I am happy for you and a little envious too. (OK, a LOT envious!) And congrats on the grandbaby too! I love the name and I think owls are going to be perfect. What a year you have to look forward to!


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How Wonderful!

Enjoy all your free time! You might be surprised at how fast the hours fill up!

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Congrats, Linda. How fun!! Like Kate, I'm also a little (lot!) envious on both counts. Planning to retire in about a year or maybe a little longer and am hoping for news about a first grandchild in less than that! Of course, that's one area I get no say in! lol


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Whoop-de-do! Congratulations,Linda.... on both counts. I am retired and enjoying it a lot but I am definitely envious of you being a grandma. That's not likely to happen to me very soon.

All the best.


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Add me to the envious group!! Congratulations!! They are offering a VRIF here at work, but unfortunately, I'm still not old enough (even though I feel it!) to leave. Enjoy all that quilting time!


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Congratulations Linda!
On your retirement and your upcoming grandbaby.

You are going to love it! I retired 2 years ago and when people asked what I was going to do with myself, wouldn't I get bored - I almost had to laugh! There was NO PROBLEM adjusting to retirement! I'm still subbing a little but I sometimes have to wish there were 2 of me because there are so many things I need to do. (Makes me wonder how I did it when I was working!)

Enjoy every minute and have fun at the LQS!

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ConGratz from me, too, Linda!! You will so enjoy retirement and will be able to fill your hours with quilting and your new grandson....no having to schedule time off for playing and cuddle time! It's wonderful!!


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Congratulations! I am also envious! :)


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How wonderful for you, Linda! Enjoy every minute - you've earned it!

Teresa - with eyes turning green with envy as she may never get to retire..... :o(

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Enjoy your LAST day at work! I am also envious. Lots of time to sew for the new guy! Yay and Congrats!
Funny~the first thing you do after Retiring - go to the LQS and buy fabric!! Perfect way to celebrate!

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Welcome to retirement! Congrats on the new grandbaby, as well! Elijah.......what a fine name. It was my g'grandfather's.

Laughing about people asking how you're going to stay busy too. I haven't stopped since retirement this spring. Makes you wonder how you did it all when you worked, doesn't it. I became a g'grandmother this week. Maribelle is the first g'grandchild.

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And Great-Congrats to Calliope on her Great-Grandchild!

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Congratulations Linda! I love retirement!

Congratulations Calliope! Love the name Maribelle.

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Awesome, retiring just in time for the grands. Good for you, I know you will enjoy it.


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Congratulations on both the retiring and the baby.

One thing i can tell you as a retired person is thatthe days go by so fast,you'll wonder how you did it all those years and worked as well.

Being a grandma is great,i have 6 GK'S and 3 GGK'SThe only thing i don't like about it is they don't live CLOSE enough.

Guess that's where that wings thing came from.Ya know,roots and wings.

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Welcome to the club!!
It's a very select group whose members are dedicated to doing those things that they enjoy but have never had time to appreciate fully.
What a wonderful promise to look forward to--a new grandson to love, spoil and cuddle.
Congratulations, glad to have you join the group of retiries. Jayne

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Congratulations! I hope you had a wonderful last day of work.

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Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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So, did you sing "Take this Job and Shove It" as you walked out the door yesterday?

Been retired 4 years and busier than I was when I worked. At least then I kept in perspective that I couldn't do it all... after all, I DID have a full time job, commute, etc.

Well, guess what... not saying "no" can REALLY get you in trouble in retirement! Everyone I know (except one person who lived ONLY for her job) is much busier in retirement than they were when they were working.

So much to enjoy, Congratulations!


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Hurray for you. You wlll love being retired and I'm sure you'll love being a grandma too (although I don't know from personal experience).

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Congrats to both!!!! I love being retired and being a grandmother!!

I stay very busy volunteering, but I also make time to quilt.

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I would suggest soon that you sit down and write down everyone's name that you've worked with. ten yers from nowyou'll be glad you did.

Be sure and tell us how the last day went!!

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Thank you everyone! I worked at my church as office manager. That meant that I was the secretary, treasurer, receptionist, communications coordinator and any thing else that needed to be done. I was the only person in the office so I trained my replacement. He is a quick learner and the last two weeks went very well. I am so happy to not have to get up and go to work everyday!
Kay, I have been practicing that two letter word and hope to have some time for me and my family. My kids do not live nearby. Now it will be easier to get away to see them and the grandbaby who will arrive in March.
This morning I got up at my regular time and went to the LQS with 3 friends. The shop gave a 20% discount on your total purchase if you brought a toy for children of servicemen. They had a Humvee to fill with toys. The shop also serves a free lunch the last Sat. of every month. Today they served chili and cookies. I hope to get over there more often!
Minnie, the list would either be very long, all the members of the church, or very short with the names of the four pastors I have worked with the last 12 years.
Thanks again for all the well wishes.
Let the quilting begin!
Linda OH

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Linda, I also work at my church. I'm the controller. I've been on staff 14 years! Nowhere near retirement yet, though. :( LOL


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Oh wow, what a big day! Congratulations!

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Hope your retirement is fantastic. Enjoy every moment and do as YOU please! Not what everyone else wants you to do.
Congratulations again

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