Anderson French doors, good price?

terpomApril 29, 2008


We just got a quote for Anderson 400 series outswing french doors from a local installer. They said $3400 installed, including tax. We have to pay for a permit. The doors are french outswing 400 series, basic, no grills, no extras, white interior, basic handles/locks.

Is this a good price in northern cal?



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if its just a door replacement sounds high. if its a new door in a wall where there was no door maybe not. it depends.
get 3 estimates. maybe call lowes for an estimate. they install doors.

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"We have to pay for a permit"

Is that because you are making a new opening,(inspection on the structural)? If that's the case:

$3400.00 sounds very reasonable.

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No it is a replacement of existing French doors. Seemed high to me as well. The existing doors have a gap, I can see light under them, they don't fit well and swing into the livig room where we have the couch. We want out swing and a tight fit. I'm not sure why we need a permit but this guy said that the city requires one.

I'll look at Lowes and HomeDepot, but to be honest after reading so many horror stories about big box "install gone wrong", I question if this is a good way to go... Seems really hit or miss with the big box stores. Does anyone recommend HD or is Lowes better?

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In our area, we only have h.d. who is the only game in town and contracts all installs from contractors as far away as 350 miles. Way more horror stories than positive here and it's trying to get the contractors back to fix a problem that's the hard part.

I would go to a reputable cabinet shop and get referalls to decent trim carpenter/door hangers in your area. You can check with lumber/building suppliers as well. This means purchasing the doors yourself and applying for the permit, then finding an installer. Ask family friends as well for referalls and always get more than one estimate w/ references especially those who are willing to show you past and present projects.

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