Question about Fusible Interfacing

OliviolaOctober 21, 2012

I posted a question at the end of september about a quilter messing up my quilt. Some of you advised me to use lightweight fusible interfacing to connect the batting to an added piece. My question: Is it necessary to have the two pieces perfectly abutted OR would it be ok to overlap the batting just a bit. I haven't started to try to cut it yet and it may not be as hard as it seems in my mind. I just know that y'all said you do it all the time. So, just how complicated am I making it? I know I'm slow AND my daughter's baby was due yesterday and my quilt is not finished. It's ok though. She understands. I still plan on posting a picture. It sure has been a lot more work than it would have been if the quilter had done it right. Thanks to all.


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If it overlaps, you will have a lump. It should lay as flat and smooth as possible as if it were one solid piece. Otherwise you would feel a bulkiness there.

I often overlap the two pieces and then cut through both pieces where overlapped with a rotary cutter, removing the extra and what is left is cut to fit together as if one piece. Does that make sense?

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Good explanation, TG.


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I agree with toolgranny. If you have ever hung wallpaper-the method of cutting is the same, overlapping one piece over the other and cutting a small amt from each at the same time so they will join to make a perfect line.
Draw some registration marks across the 2 pieces so you can match them.
Hope Baby arrives soon!

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Thank you all so much. I thought the solution might be something like that. I have to apologize for taking this long to answer and may need to post this in a new thread. I was busy all day sunday having a grandbaby. She is beautiful and I have never seen two happier parents. My daughter went through a lot of labor pain and took it all without any pain killer. They had been up all night saturday night and the baby wasn't born until about 2:45 a.m. monday morning. Her boyfriend was with her all the way. We are wanting to go back(1 3/4 hour drive) tonight after coming home and getting some rest. Anyway, I want to thank everyone who responded. TG, that does make sense.


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Congrats to your family!! :)

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Congrats on the new baby!
Linda OH

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Congratulations Grandma.

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