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hdtvrocksApril 30, 2009

Hi all,

We just purchased an older home that needs some paint. But we're having a little difficulty trying to figure out what to do with the wood beams and fireplace. The beams are varnished and would require sanding prep before painting. The SO wants to paint the fireplace but it's a pretty large fireplace and screwing up the colour would mean a lot of work to fix. Any suggestions for colour or what we can do with the beams and fireplace are welcome. Is there any way to get the beams to a birch type colour?

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Oops, house needs more than just paint, we're actually redoing the upstairs kitchen. We have contemplated looking into pulling down the wall between the dining room and kitchen, but we would lose a lot of cabinet real estate and moving the hood fan above an island between the DR and kitchen would be quite expensive.

Right Wall with Oven is shared with Dining Room

Left Wall shared with Dining Room

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Our house came with BLUE "wooden" beams in the kitchen. Ugh. The look was modernized with a nice coat of Kilim Beige from sherman williams (actually one or two shades lighter on the kilim beige card).

Opinions may vary, but I would paint over the wood paneling (first thing!) Then the beams. Possible I would remove the "box" thing over the window treatments - that is straight from the 70's. The fireplace looks like real stone, I would not mess with that- though a wooden mantle might be nice if it was done just right.

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Just an FYI, you don't have to sand the varnish if you use Dunn-Edwards Block-it as a primer. The stuff is a bit smelly when applying but it will hold to varnish or gloss polyurethane with no sanding. I've done it several times over the years and have never had a problem with it peeling later on - saves a lot of time and mess not having to sand.

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"Possible I would remove the "box" thing over the window treatments - that is straight from the 70's."

Thanks for the suggestions, do you mean the box that covers the top of the blinds/window covering?

I was hoping to keep the wood look from the beams, don't really want the painted look, just wanted a lighter shade of wood. But I think I may just leave the beams and drywall the woodpanel wall.

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I think the wood beams are beautiful - wouldn't do a thing to them! I would also leave the fireplace stone intact, but I would change out the black stone tiles to something more neutral and in keeping with the fp's stone colors. Maybe even cememnt? I actually like the wood paneled wall, but I can see how some may not care for the look. I wouldn't paint it, however. I would try to remove the paneling and then replaster/paint. It would be neat to use some of the wood paneling to make a new banister!
As for the kitchen, I think the easiet and cheapest redo would involve a new counter (corian? silestone?) and new cabinet hardware. Maybe paint the cabinets - there seems to be a little too much neutral in there.
Beautiful home!

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I agree about not painting the beams. I think you notice them more right now because there is no furniture in the room and the light-colored walls are contrasting with them. Put a slightly darker color on the walls (can't tell you which one, but post over on the Decorating forum as there are great minds there).

For the kitchen, maybe you could just make a cut-out pass through in the section btw the oven and refrigerator. You would only lose the upper cabinets that way and it may make the room look larger. Also, consider adding moulding to the cabinets and repaint them and put new hardware/counters/floor. And maybe add a banquette to the eating area. Love your house!

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