Cool Drunkard's Path shortcut

dian57October 5, 2011

A friend has a beautiful Drunkard's Path summer quilt on her bed. She is an award-winning quilter so I assumed she had put in long, tedious hours of sewing perfect curves.

She laughed when I suggested it, letting me in on her secret. Here are the directions she sent me from an old copy of Quilter's Newsletter.

I was able to make a 48" square in one afternoon using 11.5" background squares. I used an 8.5" dessert plate as the circle template. I found that sewing the binding down prior to cutting the block into quarters sped up the process. I also avoided seams in the bias strips by starting/stopping at the quarter cut spot.

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Thanks for sharing Dianne! That is a neat technique. I have always been turned off by curved piecing, but I think I could do something like this.


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I learned this technique in a workshop. Still have the sample I made downstairs in my bin.

It does work. However, with everything, there are some negative aspects. Under the curved bias strip there are many layers and it makes it rather stiff. Also, it takes lots of practice to sew down that curved strip neatly... I was not happy with my skills in that area. I suppose it would get easier with practice.

It definitely is a good option for curves.

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At the last quilt show in Knoxville, I stopped at a booth where the guy was selling and demonstrating a foot that helps sew curved seams (curve master). I bought one, but haven't had a chance to put it to good use yet (maybe I'll try this quilt??). I don't have any association with the company, just think its a neat toy. There is also a video that shows you how the foot is used. Scroll down a little to watch the video on how to use it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Curve Master Presser Foot

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I saw that demo too, but didn't buy the foot. Let me know how goes! The video on the blog is a hoot. Watch out for the bad kitty in the background.


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I bought a Curve Master foot several years ago. Attempted a couple of Drunkard's Path seams, had no luck, and put the foot in a drawer. I suppose I should get it out and try again.


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I've seen some gorgeous quilts made using this technique. E. Burns has a similiar method without the bias strips and she suggests trimming the extra fabric from the back. But I like the bias look better!

I love her starching method but it would take me forever lol!!! I just spray (A LOT) and let it sit a few minutes and iron it dry.

Thanks Dian!!!! I'm going to try it.

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I wonder if one could use the adhesive bias that is used with stained glass applique? That would be faster and easier IMHO.

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Very clever. Thanks!

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