Why can't I post my Post?

enduringApril 5, 2013

text removed, because later my original post appeared.

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Oh thanks Kudzu9, but you don't need to bump this unless it is happening to others and you want an answer. My post eventually got posted. It was weird though, my post wouldn't show up for a long time, like over 10 minutes. I kept trying to post it, and it would keep disappearing. I don't know why, so I posted this thread to ask if anyone knew what was going on. Its not an issue now, but it has happened before to me and it is strange.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

cyberspace can be weird. Might have something to do with your type of connection. Land lines are very slow.

My DH has sent me emails from his computer across the room, and even with the same connection, it sometimes takes a while to come through.


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You have to refresh the page to see a new post.

Your computer is looking at the original.

Just hit the reload/refresh icon on your browser to force it to fetch the page after you have posted.

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