Is My Thinking Right?

goldensmomOctober 4, 2009

Hi would like some advise/opinions to my situation. Am going to put my house on the market soon and have put 35,000+ into it which I am sure I will not get back. These upgrades included: new roof (including new insulation, plywood & skylights), new water main (copper piping insulated in pvc surround by sand), new water heater, new garage door, new oak front door with oval window, recently painted inside and out (along with the decks both front & back). Cut back of all trees which are many, beautiful landscaping, has great curb appeal. Now the drawbacks...inside ... bathrooms are nice, clean but need updating (have that 70's look), kitchen the same (although did repaint cabinets and replaced backsplash. Appliances work but don't match. Carpet has some wrinkles which I have called at least 25 companies/people to stretch but nobody wants to do it. Says its easier to replace which I find absurd since the carpet itself is fine. Houses in this area go anywhere from 350 to 600. Wonderful neighborhood, great schools, etc. My pricing will be way below market for this area just so I can sell and relocate. I believe who buys it will be getting a great bargin versus I will lose money but hopefully make a quick sale. Good plan or not?

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If the house is priced a little lower for a quick sale and to reflect a little needed cosmetic updating I think your fine.

Some of your upgrades I would consider standard home maintenance and not actual upgrades. For Example I would consider the skylight an upgrade, but a new roof and water heater maintenance.

If what needs to be done repair/maintenance wise has been done and the house is clean, then the buyer can update as they want/or can afford.

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See if you can find an independent carpet installer that has a power stretcher rather then call carpet stores.

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We bought our current home with badly wrinkled carpet. The sellers would not pay to have it stretched (along with a lot of other things they would not pay for) prior to putting it on the market.

Long story short, they got no offers from buyers because the carpet looked like crap. We saw through it and lowballed them. We got the house and the property it was sitting on cheap.

It cost $800 to get the carpet stretched. We used an independent guy we found through a give away advertiser like Nickel Ads or the Pennysaver.

Moral of the story. Fix the carpet or replace it. You can't afford not to.

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