The biggest project I have finished to date :)

czigaOctober 25, 2012

Hey everyone, I know I've been MIA for a while ... haven't even had time to read the forum, let alone post ... been so busy, ill for a while, and working hard on a quilt...

I've been working on a quilt for a friend, as a wedding gift. The colours are her wedding colours, and I chose a pattern that formed a heart. I thought I'd post some photos :) It is meant as a large snuggly tv quilt, but could work on a bed too, however they decide to use it.

I machine quilted this one, I thought it might get used/washed too often for hand quilting. The back is a brown flannel, just to make it more comfy. Quilted in variegated blue thread (first time I've used the variegated, jury is still out on whether I like it) with a small serpentine stitch pattern along the diagonal lines. Not too heavily quilted because I wanted it to "pouf" up a bit. Batting is cotton.

I've made smaller quilts, but this is the largest project I have finished yet ... and getting it through the machine was a challenge, both mentally and physically, lol. Its funny, I see all the mistakes when I look at it, the small places where the points don't quite line up etc, but I think overall I'm pleased that I managed to finish a large quilt in my small sewing area, on my small basic machine, that looks pretty good!

I'm wondering what to write in the card as "care instructions". What do you write when you give a quilt as a gift? I guess I'd want to say that it is 100% cotton, machine quilted, washable ... what is important information to include with a quilt?

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It came out very nice! I can imagine a pair of love birds cozied up under it.

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I don't know if you prewashed that flannel well. If not I'd put on it to wash on gentle and line dry. If you pre=washed it all very well, you could say it can go in dryer on gentle.

You did a wonderful job. I still have a block you made years ago when you did everything by hand and didn't even have a machine yet. You've come a long way and I'm tickled to see you finish something this nice. Good job.

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I agree that pre-washing before you give it away is a good idea. Then you can just tell the recipients that it's machine washable and line dry. It's a beauty and you should be very proud.

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Very nice! It looks wonderfully cozy.

Pre-washing is a good idea. It will probably pucker up a bit when washed & dried but that will just increase the charm.

If I'm gifting a quilt, I almost always write the instructions on the card. I encourage them to use the quilt and enjoy it, without fear that they might "ruin" it.


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Thank you for all the kind comments :)

Yes, I'm glad to have a machine now for the piecing (makes it go quicker) even if I still like to quilt by hand when possible. I didn't on this quilt, because I expect it will be used a lot, but I did hand embroider the label (writing, and then onto the back).

I did pre-wash it actually. I washed the flannel before quilting, and then I washed the entire quilt when it was finished, just to make sure :) So it has been washed ... that gives me peace of mind when giving it away!

So on my little card, I will write machine washable. I will certainly let them know that it is made to be used, and not to worry about that. I want to tell them that it is 100% cotton. Is there any other important information to include with a gifted quilt that I am forgetting?

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It's a lovely quilt and blue/saffron is a great combination! I did a quilt in it a lot like your's. Congrats you did a good job and yes, it's very satisfying to see something this large finished and know you've graduated to another level of skill. You might want to tell them the pattern name if it has one. I have often had people ask me what pattern my quilts are.

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As a fellow hand quilter I totally agree about machine quilting a gift that will be much loved!!! I tell them wash on gentle, cold water, line dry in shade.

Glad you are feeling better, the quilt is gorgeous!

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Beautiful. One of my favorite color combinations. What a lovely gift.

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Lovely wedding gift...I'm sure it will be snuggled under for years to come! For your label,"after snuggling, machine wash cool ....etc.
congratulations on finishing your biggest project.

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I love the color combination and the heart. You did a nice job - the wedding couple should be very pleased. Congrats on finishing a big project!

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I don't know how I missed this earlier this week but it is beautiful...and BIG! Congratulations on finishing this wonderful quilt.

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