If you have Ann Sacks tile (or samples).....

Molly PhillipsApril 15, 2013

I am interested in seeing some Ann Sacks tile for my backsplash but don't live near a showroom or dealer. If you were (or are) in the same boat as I am, how did you go about receiving samples and ordering tile? Do I just call my nearest dealer and they'll send it to me? What do they charge?

And if you have any photos to share, I'd love to see them!

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Ann Sacks is "through your designer" or "to the trade" and we recently ordered some samples and although we are designers we don't have accounts and such because we work in other professions and do design a job at a time.

We got a couple samples free of charge but had to give our business licence etc, and they were polite but it was like pulling teeth.

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I just spoke with Wendy who works in the Ann Sacks store in Portland Oregon and according to her the stores in the design centers may allow access to design professionals only, but the stores that are just regular (or not in design centers) sell retail. Also, Wendy said that you can get samples for free if the tile is something that's an in stock choice, but you would have to pay if the tile is a special stone cut or something that the store would have to order in. If the store that's closest to you cannot provide samples, Wendy said it's okay to call the Portland store for help. If you order samples you would likely be charged extra for shipping, depending on where you're located. The Portland store is the main flagship one, so they have a great selection. Hope that helps!

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What are you interested in? I may have a few things laying around.

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Molly Phillips

I want to see her pennytile or hexagon pieces. I probably could find arabesque tiles less expensive but I love that shape too. Looking at ceramic or glass, and in colors like ricepaper, cornflower blue, ozone or smoke.

Okay, so I'm kind of all over the place, which is why I'd like to look at/touch something to see if it appeals to me. I'm not sure how much they'd send me or even how I'd ask for the right thing since I'm not sure what direction I'm headed yet.

FWIW, here's one side of my kitchen. I think if I go for a color, I want a more muted tone than my dishes; otherwise, something that has a classic-yet-not-all-that-common shape in a more simple tone.

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They basically are oriented to working with designers. Where I live they won't shop for you or suggest. I comb the website beore I go or it gets overwhelming as there's so much.

Have pennyrounds in mint -- shown on the site -- in my bath.

If you like arabesque the Barbara Barry originals sort of rounded diamonds might look good.Tons of colors in those.

The Nottingham is another favorite of mine.

Everything they have is lovely. It's no bargain but the quality is terrific and they deliver what is ordered on time.

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ANN SACKS absolutely sells to retail customers, you can find your closest showroom location on the where to buy page: http://www.annsacks.com/wheretobuy

Almost all samples will be free. (custom order samples made in a specific colorway just for you may have a small charge)

Here is a link that might be useful: ANN SACKS Where to Buy

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I walked in to the Ann Sacks tile store in Georgetown in Washington, DC and rummaged thru a zillion tiles, were given samples to take home and try - and I called back to make my order over the phone. They were wonderful to work with, both in the store and on the phone. I installed calacatta subway tile, not what you're looking for, but they certainly had many choices like what you're describing.


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