How would you re-do this kitchen?

bosegirlOctober 16, 2012

We want to keep it bright, but we'd like...

-granite or corian counterops

-Possibly adding more cabinets or extend out near the area behind eat-in part?

-Is it possible to make the counter with sink straight instead of bent how it is and then add an island?


-maybe white cabinets with a grey or beige paint on the wall? And bronze or nickel hardware?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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One more pic

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Hi there. First of all, post this in the Kitchen Forum. You'll get a crazy amount of advice there. Second, you can probably straighten out the sink if you extend the counter behind it to a full corner, not a beveled one. Talk to a plumber. Everything else is just decor, which is a personal thing. Choose a counter first, since this is hardest to change. Decorate around that. Have fun!

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Is this for resale or for living? If just for you, then the kitchen forum would get you more answers.

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There is a kitchen forum where you should also post. Are you planning to sell soon or is this your new home? Makes a difference in what to choose. To me this looks just fine if you're selling. For me, I like more rounded curves on a countertop, and I prefer "warm" colours over "cool" (white & grey = cool) but it's what YOU like, not what I like! :-)

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It's for a house we're buying...I will check out the kitchen forum, thanks!

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bosegirl, are you in Texas by any chance?

That kitchen looks exactly like the one I loved in a new home I sold several years ago!

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haha, nope, in NY

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I thought, for sure it was in Florida. Florida houses are filled with angled walls and kitchens. We wound up buying one thinking we could straighten out the walls in the kitchen. Has turned into a huge financial nightmare.

Not so easy or inexpensive to change.


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Adding more cabinets behind the table sounds do-able. Straightening out the bend does not.

I think the biggest thing this kitchen needs is COLOR. Whatever color palate you prefer, bring it in. I'd go with a colorful, busy backsplash, some bright curtains, maybe a colored rug under the table, and a chandalier that doesn't disappear in all the neutral. And some greenery (or crockery) above the cabinets to fill in some "up top" colors.

Really, this kitchen looks good -- it just needs to be accessorized.

After that, crown molding.

I'd be interested to know the size of your kitchen -- that is, the overall size of the cabinet area. It looks to be about the same size as the small kitchen I'm planning for our retirement house.

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You could definitely use more color, you could use some contrasting colors - everything is too much the same color. I've never been a big fan of white appliances - I like avocado green a lot better (joking), but it would be a shame to replace them if you're only doing it because of the color. I would also get rid of the ceiling fan and install a nicer lighting fixture. I've never been a big "fan" of ceiling fans in my food preparation/eating area. A built-in window seat with storage underneath would be nice. I like the idea of extending the cabinets. Crown molding would look nice. Really, its quite a nice kitchen the way it is - it just needs a little more of your own personal touches.

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I like your kitchen. I'd paint the ceiling a brighter shade of white to make the room appear larger and put color on the backsplash. I might also do something with the counter where your sink is. Have you considered a Waterfall counter? I saw one on that program 'Property Brothers' on HGTV. If you redo that, you could include an eating area with stools so folks could help you prepare food on both sides!

Perhaps you could put something (nice painting?) on the wall to the left of your fridge.

A link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the great ideas so far! Lots to do when we move in!

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If you have enough light coming through the bay window, think about painting the walls a fairly dark color that contrasts nicely with the cabinets and counters. You not only need some color, you need some details. Instead of extending the cabinets along the one wall, think about a freestanding hutch that would compliment whatever table and chair set, light fixture, and rug you put in. Consider not doing anything structural right away. Get the furniture in and a few things on the walls and counters first. I find that the better ideas come to me over time. And remember that rooms can take on a very different look at night.

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I like your thought of painting the cabinets, they appear dull. I would paint them before doing more. Then look at the walls, and a nice window finish.

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