Cup Half Full or...

triciaeOctober 8, 2008

half empty. There's something to be read either way in this report. Whatever. Here's the August Pending Sales report.


Here is a link that might be useful: August Pending Sales

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Mine's not even half empty; there are just a few drops left. I'd love to greet that report with rejoicing, but as we're dealing with a dead local market it's hard to get excited. We're in the south, where, as the report mentioned, pending resales did not rise.

Buyers' agents keep telling our agent that our former home is wonderful, looks like new, shows well, and is a bargain. Several told him they would be presenting an offer shortly, only to have their people get cold feet. Those potential buyers have not bought anything else, either. Some folks could not get financing. We're now prepared for a net loss of $200K. Yes, that's very painful, but we had no choice.

Maybe the cup will be half full for someone else - hope so.

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NBC evening news tonight had a story about people tripping over themselves to buy foreclosure homes in Florida. Homes that 1 yr ago would have sold for $250,000 are now going for $55000 - $85000. One fellow commented that he's been outbid on 14 homes so far, but he has faith he'll find one.

I think the cup is still 1/2 empty - but the next direction change will be toward the full side and it'll be slow in coming.

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I saw that piece with Charlie Gibson, Ft. Myers no doubt. Did you catch the couple laughing like hell over the six-sided bathroom (Grover Bros Construction)? I'm thinking of buying another one just to lower my cost basis in Florida!

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