Pls help... undercabinet outlets & lighting

frugalnotstingyApril 22, 2013


I've been reading & re-reading the posts about undercabinet lighting and plugmolds but I still haven't come up with what I need to buy/get.

I have an L shaped counter and am leaning towards a glass backsplash - I really like the idea of having the plugs under the cabinets.

Can you please help me narrow down the options to 2 specific brand or product? Something that is not going to break the bank as I only have a small budget for my kitchen remodel.

Thanks in advance!

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I can't talk plugmold, since DH didn't want it. I used pegasus lighting's xenon thin under cabinet task lights. They give out plenty of light. They do get pretty warm (don't want to touch them) and the cabinet gets warm but not hot. I went with them since they were over 1/2 the price of the same type in LED. I would have loved LED, but the $$$ just keep stacking up on the remodel. They are dimmable which is what I wanted.

I liked that they were thin, so they don't show under the cabinets. Good luck, there's so much out there it's hard to find what will work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: xenon ucl's

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Frugal- I recently posted on a plug mold question. I am on my iPhone. We used a basic wire mold/plug mold which looks like a basic power strip but isn't. GC put in angled wood for the strips - they are great.
If you google search for a2gemini gardenweb kitchen, you should pull up one of my posts.
I can post tomorrow night - hopefully.

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cathy725, thanks for the info. I'll look into it.

a2gemini, looking forward to your pics.

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Here is my post to my final reveal - there are some pictures close to the top of the plug mold

Here is another post of PlugMold questions - we used something called WireMold and looks like a power strip on steroids and then mounted on an angled piece of wood.

And here are some additional pictures to help you
The first one shows the angled strips - We did put a trim on the bottom of the cabinets to keep invisible. The only problem was a cold air return that got in the way of one of the plug spaces - so we had to bridge that one and if you are short, you can see the bridge - I might try to paint the wires to match the backsplash.

The bridge is under these cabinets, between the glass cabinet and the end cabinet - I didn't take a picture of the bridge but it doesn't show when looking straight ahead, just when you are little and looking up - but then you would see the lights and plugs anyway...

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wow, ur kitchen looks lovely! Thanks for the pics!

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I have a back-painted glass backsplash on my counters, also L-shaped. I have the Task Lighting angled outlets and Ikea Grundtal undercabinet lights. Both worked out well for me.

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I am just finishing my kitchen remodel and I used Wiremold and led bar lights from Environmental Lights so there are no outlets on the wall. Mosiac tile backsplash behind the sink and back-painted glass everywhere else. The glass is still be fabricated, but I can tell you it cost 50% more then the tile would have (which came out to about $800 more in my case since we were covering 45sf of wall), so you have to consider that the backsplash is more likely to break the bank than the undercabinet options you are looking at. I also recessed the bottom of my cabinets 1.5" to be sure that I wouldn't see the plugmold when sitting at the peninsula opposite the sink wall. Photo below so you can see.

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For those of you who are using this plug molding to forgo any outlets on your backsplashes, do you unplug your coffeemakers, etc. when you aren't using them to avoid having the plug hanging from above?

A2gemini, where did you get that two-tiered fruit basket (if you don't mind my asking)?

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Just for fun I took a look when I went to HD for my last 2 recessed lights (can't buy single online from them).

They had a 36 inch tamper resistant plug mold strip in white or black. It appears that you just hook it up like it was an outlet at one end. Not sure why I read so many complaints about it being a PIA to install. So I picked one up to ask my GC Monday, might end up with one. It would be in a section that needs to have another outlet added anyway for code since it will be a longer piece of countertop than before, so this might actually be easier for him. It was about $80, but would also make the backsplash tile much easier since two outlets would be eliminated. We would leave the coffee maker plugged in, but it's pretty tall anyway and in a corner.

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I can't remember where I bought the 2 tier basket - it is probably about 15 years old. If I remember, I will post. Someone else has the same one and maybe they will remember.

I did put a couple outlets around (but wish I had not except for possibly the one in the corner. I don't store much on the counter (but soon will be getting my Vitamix and the game might change...) The coffee pot is plugged in on a lower outlet but probably would not have unplugged it - but might have looked for a white cord coffee pot if there is such a thing..

I think I got a bit carried away on outlets -but now I want one on my garden window for my plant light and mat...

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@Kitmu - can you give a rough estimate for the Environmental lights' LED (if you don't mind me asking)? I can't seem to find pricing for those. Where did you buy the wiremold? I like that color.

I'm going to check out HD too.

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Jelly - we are planning on plugmold. We also don't plan on having things sitting on our countertops when they aren't being used, so they won't be plugged in. For example, our coffeemaker will be going in an appliance area that will be concealed with pocket-style doors that will close when not in use.

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If you contact EL through their site with what you want and attach a floor plan they will send you a quote and put everything in a cart for you. All the pricing is listed for each product on the site, but it can be hard to figure out a whole system for some lines because you may need a few different parts.

They sent me a quote, and when I called with questions they were very friendly and knowledgeable. They set everything up in a cart, so all I had to do was log in and buy. My lights should be here Monday, I got the Maxlite.

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