Floating shelves - skim coat over supports?

judibeanApril 18, 2013

I plan to put up very long wood floating shelves in my kitchen (as opposed to wall cabinets). I'm not too confident about the floating shelves that insert into rods set into the wall - they don't seem to hold much weight when they are the length I need them to be (8 feet). What I would like to do instead is screw L-shaped steel corner braces into the studs, facing up and out like L's sticking out of the wall, then place the shelves on top and connect the metal to the wood from the underside. Then I'd like to skim coat over the portion of the braces that are screwed onto the wall so that the shelves appear as if they are floating. Of course, the braces would have to be notched into the wall so that the skim coating doesn't create unsightly bumps. Has anyone done this? Would the skim coated areas crack over time from tension in holding up the shelves? Thanks in advance for your help!

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I know what you are trying to do....I would just paint the brackets the same color as the wall...they will not show very much. I am guessing the skim coat would crack with the movement of the shelves. I would check with your local big box store and ask them this question. Or a local cabinet maker...either one.

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Haven't done it but don't see why it wouldn't work. If the brackets are heavy enough and you have one of the heavy screws near the bend of the 'L', there shouldn't be much (if any) movement, especially since you're attaching directly to the stud vs on top of drywall.

In the past, DS installed the lightweight floating shelves and the drywall always ended up allowing movement around the bracket. Guess who ended up doing the repair work!

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If you can use thick enough steel rods you can sink them into the studs and into the back edge of the shelves.

A lot depends on how much weight you want to hold up.

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Thanks for all your advice!

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