Quick Picture-Posting Question

sjerinApril 16, 2013

Yet again! I'm trying to post my finished kitchen post and have copied the url from my "library" at Photobucket. When I pasted it in the message box, I see in Preview a long rectangular blackbox labeled "get yours" and "view all." Is this correct?

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You need to copy the HTML code, not the URL code.

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Thank you, Breezy. I did hit "HTML" and just tried again, but get the same thing. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I have Adblock?

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I don't have Adblock on the ipad so I don't know. I will say that the picture will not show up when you are typing in the message box and paste in the html code. You'll just get a bunch of garbled text. When you hit the "Preview Message" button, the photo should show. Why don't you try testing a pic here?

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Ok. I was trying to link to an "album" in pb. Perhaps I need to link to the url box below?

It worked!! I'm so surprised--I guess I'll have to post them one by one. Thank you, Breezy.

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For an album, you do have to just past the URL in the box called "optional link URL."

You can post more than one pic in one message post. Copy the HTML code in PB, paste it in the message box, leave a space, then repeat your HTML copying and pasting as many times as you want. Then preview your message. Viola!

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Well, it's done and it took me hours! I'm quite pathetic when it comes to the computer. I don't seem to have a URL option, but it's a moot point now. :) I thank you so much again, Breezy!! I was sitting at my computer most of the time waiting for your answers so I could get this darn thing done. You have been a dear. I'm sure you're one of the people I should thank for all your swell ideas, as well!

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