Faux stone/brick for chimney

oyeah_lifeisgoodApril 18, 2006

We just finished adding a second story to our house. We had to extend our chimney (but no fireplace on the addition) and our contractor and inspector told us the foundation would not support putting brick (to match the original brick) on the extension. They have told us that our only option is stucco. Does anyone know of any other option? Faux stone or brick? I think they ruled out a brick veneer because they didn't think we could match the first floor brick. Any insight helpful!

PS. I have a picture but couldn't figure out how to post it.

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To post a photo here you need to first have it uploaded on a website. There are several free photo hosting sites. www.photobucket.com, www.flickr.com, www.webshots.com. Once uploaded you just need to provide a link to where the photo is. Or do an html image tag and include it inline with the post.

Why can't you do the brick veneer? I would find the one that is the closest match for the background color of existing brick and then either use stain or paint to get it to match. You could probably do that one yourself and just have them put it up. Without seeing how it looks I think doing another hard surface that is not currently part of your house wouldn't tie in very well. What was used on the addition? Stucco or siding? I would either match that or try to match the brick.

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Go to the El Dorado Stone website - they have sone veneer - for exterior & interior. I've seen it in person and it looks great - we're using the El Dorado stone veneer for a firplace project. Good Luck.

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