Not enough fabric, lost receipt!!

legomom23June 26, 2013

Any chance someone recognizes this? I bought this at our local Joanne's, promptly lost the receipt and they don't have any left. I can't find it on their website, and don't know the name to look for it somewhere else. They can't look at their other stores without the fabric number which, of course, was on the receipt.

I'm about two hours from other large stores so I thought I'd ask here just in case:)

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I don't, and I saved the image and Googled by it, and didn't see it. I can call my local Jo-ann, and see if any of them will let me send the pic to their phone.

But, is it 54" wide and is it a home dec fabric?
How long ago did you buy it?
How much did you pay per yard? Was it on sale?
Is there any info printed in the salvage edge that says who makes it?

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It is 45in wide, home decor fabric that was on sale for $6.99 per yard. I bought it Monday.
I'm not at home, but I will look on all the edges to see if something was written - great idea!

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And for some reason I remember thinking the name had multi peacock in it, which I thought was odd since it has no actual peacocks in it.

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You might try convo-ing this Etsy seller. She's used the same fabric, and can probably give you the name....

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy Seller

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Thank you - I actually have another Joanns close to here that I didn't even know about. They had the same pattern in different colors - including that blue color above. Their names were tuli capri and spring capri, but I still had no luck online with those names.
They said that was still not enough to go on to find it. Very discouraging.
I'm going to try to call a large Joann's store and see if someone will take pity on me and look for it.
Thanks for all the ideas and help!

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I had the same problem with a fabric at JoAnn's last fall summer/fall and couldn't find it anywhere. Then this spring I saw my local store had it back again. So if you can wait it out it is possible your store will get it back in.

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Go onto Joanne' and look at their 45 inch home decor fabric

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If you paid by credit card, you can ask you credit card company for a copy of the receipt.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Sometimes when you can't get enough fabric, it's an opportunity to think creatively...can you add a solid or a stripe? You have lovely colors there to work with...

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Look on the selvage edge ... the maker and name of the pattern are often there.

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Elraes Miller

If you have another JoAnns nearby with the fabric, why do you have to buy online? Hopefully not a personal question. Apologies if it is.

There could be a difference in shades of your pattern, similar to paint codes/wallpaper. I would try my best to head to the store if you can and make sure the match is right. Or perhaps a friend is going there and can do it for you.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I looked on the salvage edge and there wasn't anything.
I was getting it to recover kitchen chair seats. I have enough fabric for 7. I normally have it set up for 8, but I have 12 chairs total. I could cover the six side chairs and try to find something else for the end chairs, but I have to say coordinating fabrics does not come easy to me! And that would still leave me with 4 other mismatched chairs on the rare occasion I use all the leaves and set it for 12. I would love to find some more that would work and do parsons chairs on the end. I love the layered look with different fabrics, I'm not good at finding that many that work together.

I'm trying the credit card company next.

Technicolor - I meant they had the same blue that the etsy seller used that was linked above. I know the name of that fabric, but they do not have the pattern in my color which has more brown and gold in it.

It is not on

Thanks for all the ideas!

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see you found it. I deleted what I wrote.

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