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aquadragonflySeptember 20, 2012

THIS is my new favorite forum!

I can't wait to get my first ever very own sewing machine. I am looking at them now. I already have a quilt decided on. It will be a Dora quilt for my grandson's half sister. She loves Dora and I found the fabric and just knew I had to get it to make her a quilt for Christmas.

I used watch both of my grandmothers while they were quilting and even helped one of my grams make a quilt she made by hand. I loved it. I MISS quilting and her. There is something to be said to sit at a quilt frame with someone you care about and make something by hand.

I can't wait to make my first quilt all by myself, the only problem I see is once I start I may not be able to stop!

:) Aqua

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Have a wonderful time with it. Great to have something you like to do that helps you make things others love to receive.

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LOL - and why would you want to stop? You can control yourself to conform to your own budget but most of us want it to continue and feed our creative spirit. It's wonderful therapy! My husband says fabric therapy is cheaper than a doctor.

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Yes, you will be addicted! I started about 4 years ago and haven't stopped! Post some pictures when you get your quilt put together. I'm sure it will be adorable :-)


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Oh, I love Dora, too. I'm sure it will be well loved. And, nope, you won't be able to stop.


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Hi Aqua,
Its great to have you here. We look forward to seeing your progress!

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Good for you, Aqua! Jump right in and start quilting! Why would you want to stop???? lol


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Stop...you are supposed to stop quilting?? no one told me...when - why would I stop?? LOL
Welcome and have fun! Do post pics...

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Thanks everybody. I can't wait to pick out my first machine. I have looked at a lot and just can't decide which one would be best to start with....
I keep looking, I am sure I will soon have questions to ask about a couple I think I am totally leaning toward.

I am not totally new to sewing, I have made stuff before, but I have always used someone else's machine. The last thing I made was a homemade apron/money holder for flea marketing I was quite proud of myself for it turning out right the first time and I didn't even use any kind of pattern!!! The only flaw was it didn't turn out as large/ deep pockets as I wanted but it is still cute and it still would work so it's all good! (nope haven't been back since I made it lol, BUT I have it when I need it!!!)

:) Aqua

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Welcome, Aqua. Everyone here is very helpful and kind, so feel free to ask questions. I have learned so much. Many of us consider this our guild! The only problem is they give me so many ideas I'll never be able to accomplish them all.

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Hey, Aqua, Jennifer posted about a Janome 8077 on sale at Ken's Sewing Center...free shipping. If it's good enough for Jen, I'd say it's good enough for anyone! Wish I had known about it before I got my last one.


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Hey Sharon, I did read that, I went an checked them out. I liked it. I am seriously considering it. I have looked at them on HSN too, they don't have the 8077 I checked again after her post. If at all possible it is the machine I would like to get.

:) Aqua/NC

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