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hadleyOctober 18, 2009

Please check out our new listing. I have another couple of days in which to make changes and already have a couple of tweaks and corrections in mind. Would like feedback from all of you, though.

Our MLS allows 12 photos. We will be enhanced on but that hasn't happened yet. In the meantime, you can see all 25 photos on the lbo site.

I have to say, I find myself a bit frustrated by our mls template as it puts some things in illogical order--e.g., under sewer, it has you list the type and size of septic first, then drwell, then it says septic, etc. Makes it look as if we have a 1000-gallon concrete drywell. Surely people will figure it out since there is no way to change the order in which those items appear....

MLS at:$348,000.00&t=&fcla=1

Here is a link that might be useful: LBO site

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Your views are wonderful.

I would not feature the den/office as it looks teeny-tiny. I would only mention the first floor laundry, not list a picture as it is nothing *wow*. Your master bedroom looks very small. Is there any way to take a picture to make it look larger? In contract, Bedroom #2 looks bigger, brighter and just... better. The master should look better than the secondary bedroom.

The living room looks small. All the furniture is pushed to the walls and there seems to be too much for the space. I'd remove the TV stand in the corner (just for the picture), move the rocker to that corner, and retake the picture. See if the room now looks better.

Your bathroom picture is less than good. Do you have a master bath? Does it look better than the pic you have listed?

From the pictures you have listed, if it were me I'd pick these 12:
⢠maplewood farm
⢠view south on a clearer day
⢠a better master bedroom pic
⢠bedroom #2
⢠a better living room picture
⢠screen porch inside (definitely not that outside pic)
⢠2-3 kitchen pictures (as that is clearly gonna help sell the house)
⢠either the upper mayfield or lower meadow
⢠a better bathroom pic

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Beautiful property. Shows well in the pictures, too.

Certain rooms (like the master and den) don't really look small, the pictures just look truncated. It would help if you took those shots with a SLR with wide angle lens, and experimented with the angles.

The kitchen is to die for. The one with just the counter is redundant. I think the later of the historical pictures would be neat to include. Not the first one, as it clearly shows how the house has been added to. That's pretty typical in rural properties, but it sends up flags to buyers who aren't familiar with old real estate. I've lived in a few and they just grew with a series of add-ons like a Rube Golberg invention. Always worries newbies about roof integrity, etc.

Of course you want to show off your acreage, but could you just limit it to one shot, showing some rolling ground, with the horizon also included in that shot? The outbuilding is good to mention, but is not what I'd call an old barn or anything to waste a frame of advertising on.

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As a horse owner, I beg to differ on cutting one of the acreage shots if you are actively marketing this as a horse property. Those shots give me a good feel for how much useable pasture I would have.

DH used to live and work near there, and I would buy your place in a heartbeat if he could get another job out there - it looks beautiful and my horses would love it!

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Thank you! All the suggestions are very helpful. Some I will be able to do fairly quickly, others will have to wait for the next (if there is one) round of pictures.

akrogirl, thank you for the nice words! Many people in the neighborhood keep horses, so it would be a good fit. If you're feeling more high end, there's a $1.2M prop just down the street....

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I kept horses for years, and, I don't see fencing or shelter. That's one reason I would leave that part of it to the imagination if you're zeroing in on horsey people. Let them fall in love with the house first when they much that the idea of making it suitable for horses hurts less.

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Our property didn't have fencing or shelter when we bought it but the land sold us on the house, not the other way around - our house is small and still needs a lot of work.

Maybe we are just weird, but we actually preferred putting in our own barn because most of the ones we saw had stalls that were too small (my horses have 16' x 24' stalls) and/or were in the wrong location on the property, and would have required a lot of work to modify.

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There are photos you can cut, but keep the one of the first floor laundry. That photo is doing triple duty - it shows that you have modern high end appliances (a psychological plus even if they don't convey); it shows the mudroom; and it reminds people there is a back staircase.

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Thank you, graywings, that was my thought on it. The w/d absolutely convey. I should say, however, that the photo only shows the laundry room and the staircase; the mudroom is actually separate. I did want to show that the laundry room is a full-size 11 x 10 room, not a little closet affair. With a wide-angle, I would have been able to also show that it has its own exterior door.

Thank you all again for all the comments. akrogirl, call anytime, we'll set up a showing ;)

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