More advice needed... backsplash this time

frugalnotstingyApril 26, 2013

I've been getting really helpful inputs here - thanks to everyone contributing!

My next dilemma is the backsplash.

I saw nixit71's backsplash & it is very similar to what I was wanting. Here is hers...

Traditional Kitchen

For the field tile, I am torn between a glass tile (Lucente morning fog) & porcelain tile (Paladino adamello) - both from Emser.

And the accent tile is Emser's Flash bright mosaic.
I was thinking of using the same tile used for the strip all above the cooktop.

Q1 - if I go with the glass tile, do I still break it up with the accent strip or will that be too much?

Q2 - Would it look odd if I have an accent strip running horizontally & then meets up the accent running vertically over the cooktop?

The 2nd picture is the porcelain tile( i have a big piece as a sample but is going to get 4x8s) & a strip of my accent tile (actual size is 12x13)

Here is a link that might be useful: Flash bright

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Personally, I would do an accent strip only if horizontal lines were a design feature that a liner at that level would be just right for. They are used too much IMO just to add..."something" to the plain field the owner's focusing too exclusively on. Fortunately not as drearily ubiquitous as those genuinely attractive medallions and tile pictures behind the stove became (usually easier to just not notice), but...still. How about using art and/or other decorative items that can be stuck to the tile and changed out whenever it takes your fancy? Of course, any small appliances, etc., sitting out will add their own "something." Do your design diagrams include any you might be using?

BTW, this is the same suggestion I gave for years when people were trying to choose the seemingly "de rigeur" medallion or whatever for above the stove.

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GWer mamasheshe used a horizontal mosaic accent and then ran that mosaic vertically behind her cooktop. Her tile is very colorful and makes a fabulous statement. I hope she doesn't mind me posting her picture but I thought it would let you visual how yours might look. I do like your tile choices. If you decide to use both horizontal and vertical, maybe you should consider putting the horizontal at the bottom like mamasheshe did.

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I just noticed after I posted mamasheshe's picture that her horizontal stripe actually has the mosaic tiles placed vertically within it.

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rosie - you have me thinking now. I don't really have any horizontal lines in the design. I might put a black & decker toaster oven on that side of the counter just to break it up a little.

badgergal - thanks for the photo! That really helps. I was trying to search for one but did not come up with anything.

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Super. That said, "similar to what I've been wanting" - ! Evaluate to make sure that particular detail is really what you want is all. After all, Nixit's kitchen does look very nice.

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