nanny nanny boo boo

jennifer_in_vaSeptember 20, 2012

I got a new to-ooyy!!

Many of you know I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE may Janome 8080. It is now about 10 years old, and has sewn many a seam and quilted many a quilt. When I bought it, I did a lot of research and this machine did everything I wanted a new machine to do. It goes with me everywhere.

At this point, it has some problems. Problems that maybe can be fixed, but I'm not willing to part with the machine long enough to take it in. (My one service shop could easily have a 3+ month backlog.) Did I tell you that I LOVE this machine?

Not long ago when I was having problems, DH offered me a new machine. I declined. I love this one that much!

Tonight, I get an sale email from my favorite shop in N. Alabama... They have a Janome 8077 on sale, plus $20 off, plus free shipping (always)... It was like angels singing to me!!! The funny thing is, it's not a really expensive, high-end machine. In most terms, it's rather on the lower end of the scale.

Looking at this machine, it is almost identical to my machine (which they don't make anymore). The only added feature I can see is an on/off button so you don't have to use the pedal. I talked with DH about it, and frankly, I feel rather guilty... But his response was "Well, who's ordering it? You or me??"

So, I have a new machine coming to me!!! Hopefully before retreat so I don't have to fiddle with my temperamental one.

Happy dance!! Happy dance!!!

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Ok could you PLEASE send me the info for this place? I am looking at machines now and I truly do not know which one is the best one to get.
I have looked a some an might have one I have decided on but maybe this place has the one you are talking about cheaper then the one I am looking at.
I would appreciate the information please please please, and congratulations on a new machine!!!
:) Aqua

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Congrats! New toys are so exciting. I'm still loving mine.

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Nanny nanny boo boo indeed! Congrats! New machines are so fun! What a nice husband...

I was talking to my grandmother on the phone and she said that HSN is now selling Janome, but she had never heard of the brand before... it was fun to hear her try to pronounce it!

Enjoy your new baby.... it might be fun to keep the old one and get it fixed up as a spare or travel machine, after the new one arrives of course :o)

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Awesome!! The hard part is waiting for it to be shipped! I love new toys :-)


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Oh, I'm definitely keeping the older one. I will be able to send it out for repair now, without worry about how long they keep it.

Robbi~I am just hoping it gets here before Retreat! Even looked at the map to see if it was on Beverly's way so she could pick it up for me... Unfortunately, she heads in a different direction :( So I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

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Jennifer, where is this shop? We are going to my parent's in Cullman this evening and will be in Huntsville on Sunday. I may need to visit it.


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Bev, it's Ken's Sewing Center in Muscle Shoals. It's way up in the northwest corner of Alabama. About 1 1/2 hrs NW from Cullman.

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Jennifer, Take Beverly up on her offer!!!! You want to bring that machine to retreat and this way, you know it'll happen!!! I love new toys.....and they don't have to be top of the line to make me happy. I'm so happy for you!!


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Yay Jennifer! They do repairs also -
How fun!!!!!! If they have it in stock, you should get it in a few days - call and beg!

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Did I tell you guys that I LOVE Ken's Sewing Center???

My machine has already been shipped!!! Whoo HOO!!!

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YAH, I am so pleased for you. I know how excited you must be. Another Janome lover. Congratulations, I hope it is everything you are hoping for.

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I know how you feel about the Janome 8080. I have one that I purchased from Sears. It's the best machine. I have it serviced annually and haven't had a minute's trouble. It's a keeper in my collection.

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byrdseay~ I got mine at Sears toO! I thought mine must have been a 1 of a kind because I've never heard of anyone else owning one too!

I've never had any problems with it until now... and I think it's only been serviced once, and that was in the last few years.

This will definitely stay in the arsenal, so to speak.

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Congratulations! I'm starting to think about a new machine, too, and the shop in town closest to me sells Janomes, so I'll definitely check them out.


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I love going to Ken's Sewing Center. It's only about 20 miles from where I live. They have a variety of machines, vaccums, notions and threads.

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Wow! I know how much you love that machine of yours! You really are lucky to find a replacement. I met the people at Ken's from Ala. at a quilt show and they are very nice!

I am so happy for you, Jennifer...and just in time for retreat!
Gwen, who loves her Janome 6600P!

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