Considering SW Netsuke for Bedroom

jovtfam4June 1, 2009

Hi, We have had a gallon of Netsuke ready to paint our bedroom for months now. We have twin toddlers so haven't gotten around to doing the job. We might have time tomorrow, but now I am rethinking our choice. Our entire house is in shades of golds. We wanted a green for our bedroom, and we went with Netsuke thinking it had a touch of green. I think we just fell into our gold comfort zone. Our room tends to be kind of dark. Can I see your rooms painted in SW Netsuke? I really wanted a green or maybe a soft blue, but this color was what we have...

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I used SW Netsuke in my dining room -- on the upper part above the plate rail and on the ceiling. The lower portion is SW Harmonic Tan. Both colors are on the same "color card" -- Netuske is two shades lighter. I think the color in this picture is pretty true. Both these colors change quite a bit depending on the light and time of day. Sometimes it appears very gold, and other times quite green, and even tan. I really like both colors, but hey, it's only paint, so an easy fix if you don't like it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow, your dining room is stunning. You are right, I will just go for it. I guess I worry about the extra work if we don't like it because we have twin toddlers who always want to "help paint." I need to find someone to babysit and get to work!

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If I was close to you, I'd come and help babysit! My DH has 5 children (11, 10 yr old twin boys, 7, and 4) so I have lots of experience! LoL!

Thanks for you nice comment on the dining room. We've worked so hard on this 1916 Arts and Crafts home -- trying to bring it out of the pink/blue/fake flowers/Knick-Knack decor. Your comments mean alot.

Good luck. Show us pics when you're done!

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joyce, I just love the color of the SW Netsuke on your wall. Thanks for giving me another color to think about when I am ready to repaint a few of my rooms in my home.

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Ah, twins. They are a joy. They have been irritating each other a lot lately though. They never get to be alone you know? They are always in each others' business. I have a boy and girl (2 years old) and they do have their own interests... I always dreamed of having a craftsman house. They are so lovely, my favorite style! Is it hard to find affordable furniture? I love the William Morris wallpapers and fabrics!

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