What would you do with this Kitchen

DaniCarolinaApril 16, 2014

New to the forum! Hoping you wonderful folks can make some suggestions. House was built in 1900 so we'd like to stick with the appropriate colonial style. The stove is all by itself next to a doorway.

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First, I'd highly recommend posting this in the [very helpful] kitchens forum.

More importantly, what are you asking? Are you tearing the whole thing out and starting from scratch? Replacing a few appliances and painting the walls?

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Great questions! We were initially trying to save some money, of course, just do appliances and paint. We'd update all appliances and remove the LARGE island. Just looking for creative suggestions for making this kitchen awesome.

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Yikes, carpet...

If you get rid of the island, would that take away most of your countertop space?

For starters though... wallpaper, carpet, mirror and hanging light are what I'd think about getting rid of first.

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Have you lived with this kitchen? If not you might want to for a while to get a better feel for what works and what doesn't. I 2nd the idea of posting on the kitchen and maybe the decor forum. If you post on kitchens be sure to post a layout with measurements and what you are willing to do.

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The fake brick, carpet, and cabinets with the huge doors need to go, at the very least. Possibly the huge doors can be refaced with pairs of narrower doors saving a bundle. Then new CT and paint the cabs and that will be a positive transformation.
The range is, however, very oddly placed; a new floorplan is the highest-cost approach, but the best investment long term.
So, do you want to nibble 'round the edges, or take a full bite?

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My first thoughts are the fake brick is too dominating, carpeting is a strange flooring in a kitchen, and the countertops being updated would go a long way. Your cabinets are actually gorgeous solid hardwood and a timeless raised panel - unless you for some reason hate them I'd keep them and focus your efforts elsewhere. I'd definitely re-work the space to get your cooktop integrated into the other kitchen space; it being in satellite orbit isn't functional or aesthetic. And I do think the island is over-scale for the space.

First, you need to ponder how you want to use the space. For example, what is your household use of the kitchen (single adult, empty nesters, family with teens, starting family with little ones, etc.), type of use (three meals prepared from scratch, organic gardener, or a lot of take out and re-heat meals on the go, etc.) How you want to use the space will tell you a lot of what you need IN the space. And the best place for a lot of feedback, and really great feedback from experts would be to move this over to the kitchens forum, I agree!

It's a nice home and looks to be good quality bones, so you have a good starting point!

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Post a measured drawing in the Kitchen Forum. Include the surrounding rooms that these doors go to in a master drawing, and a just the kitchen area one as well. Include your level of DIY ability and what your budget might be to be able to change things. Pics of the exterior of the home are always welcomed, as it helps to keep the suggestions in the same design style of the home itself, which is important.

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What was your plan for sink and dishwasher after removing the island?

The gas range probably is on an outside wall probably so that is easier to vent. For planning purposes, I'd research where else the range could vent, as that likely will control your planning.

The layout certainly can be improved, but I have to say, I kinda' like the general vibe, other than the carpet.

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