Help with entry table and lamps, etc...

mom2girls_2008June 27, 2013

We have a vacation home in Florida, near the beach, and I am trying to decorate on a budget. I have purchased a rattan piece of furniture for the entry foyer that closely matches the entertainment center in the open living/dining/kitchen area. I am having so much trouble deciding what to add to the table. I am thinking buffet type lamps but I've purchased a number and returned most. I just found this capiz sailboat that I really like and I'm not sure how it looks either. I think I've made so many decisions in the last few months that I just can't make any more :) Do you like either of these lamps? (I can remove the off white band around the lamp on the left, if I decide to keep) I do have two of each. How bout the sailboat? I also think a mirror would be great above the table. The wall is 6', the furniture is just over 4' and the ceiling is 10'. I am going for a casual, relaxed feeling and trying not to break the bank! I'll post a few pics - hope they help. All of you talented GWer's - Please help! Thank you

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another pic - not sure how to post more than one at a time

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View of front door and table on left

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Finally, a close-up!

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

The table and ship are great. Not sure that either lamp is right.

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I love the rattan piece and the ship. I think the issue with the lamp is that the ship and lamps are all the same height and for a table scape you want varying heights. Do you need lamps in the space? I think you need to pick one or the other and then maybe add a decorative bowl or stack of books as a lower height item. If you choose lamps then I like the brown one on the left.

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Brown one also....could we see a picture with both brown lamps? Also, just asking but how would your rattan piece look on the wall as you come in the door....far enough so that the door does not hit the unit?

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Could you please take a photo of the two brown lamps AND the sailboat .....

I do like the sailboat BUT try placing it on an angle against the right-hand brown lamp ....

Perhaps if you switched from the sailboat to a simple dark brown wood bowl (like a vintage salad bowl, for example) -- handy for dropping in keys etc. OR a single large shell in dark brown colors?

Yes -- a tall rectangular wood-framed mirror would work well above it ... either in the same brown as the rattan OR perhaps painted in white ...

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Thank you all so much for your responses.

Walnutcreek: I think you have a point :)
pps7: Even though the lamps are slightly taller than the
ship it does appear that they all 3 may be too close in
height. At this time, there isn't a ceiling fixture in the
foyer so lamps were an easy fix. Yes, a decorative bowl
may be the answer with the brown lamps.
grandmaof3: Picture with both brown lamps is below.
I tried the rattan piece on the other wall when I brought
it home but it is just too wide for that wall.
Teacats: Yes, perhaps I should move the ship to a
different spot in the house! We love it so I will surely
find another spot for it! A wooden bowl sounds right!
Thanks for the mirror advice. I saw a round mother of
pearl mirror that I liked but I'll keep looking!

Thanks again for the responses

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Without sailboat

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Perhaps a single lamp -- more hefty in visual weight might work better .....

Or perhaps a single glass lamp -- again -- in a larger shape -- perhaps even a round one?

Here's an example of a single lamp -- dark enough in color and shape to balance the weight of the pretty chest ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Lamps Plus -- example of lamp

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I'd opt for an asymmetrical, less formal arrangement. How about trying a single, taller, more substantial lamp with the sailboat and a large vertical rectangular mirror hung low above the chest? You might want a third, low object on the tabletop -- maybe a shallow bowl for keys and stuff; a reflective or transparent material could be nice with the heavier chest and ship.

Oh! I'm a slow typist. I see I cross-posted with teacats!

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My highly subjective opinion:

- Love the ship. Together with the rattan piece it instantly sets the beach theme for the whole house;

- Not so fond of any of the lamps. Too skinny to my taste. Also, two lamps together with the ship would make the console a bit cluttered to me;

- How about a tall narrow mirror flanked with sconces above the console with the ship on it? It would make the whole wall look finished and balanced.

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Teacats: I love that lamp you posted from Lamps Plus! Well I just happen to have a single lamp that I purchased- I have bought so many lamps and returned them :) The sailboat is taller than this palm tree lamp but I think I agree the sailboat will go somewhere else in the house. Should the lamp be in the center? Then what to do about a mirror? Thanks so much for all your help!

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another look

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I guess we were all posting at the same time. Thank you for your responses!

Lazydaisynot: The ship is 26" high and it has been difficult trying to find a lamp significantly taller than the ship. Perhaps, as suggested I should do away with the lamp idea, keep the ship, add a round bowl and small plant. And then a rectangular mirror and sconces... ohh so many choices :) Thanks for your input!

LanaRoma: Thanks we really like the ship too - the colors are perfect with the console! I really like the idea of the mirror and sconces. Beach theme is what we want - thanks for your input!

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Ah!!! Well done on the lamp .... okay .... move the new lamp to the right-hand side -- AND try placing it on a dark-colored book to raise it up a bit .... (OR -- for a bit of color -- try a aqua or white-covered book)

Then add the large dark wood bowl to the left -- and fill it with local seashells (always fun to search out in local shops and on the beach)

Yes -- a tall rectangular mirror with a dark frame will work there .....

In your hallway -- you could add a row of darker double-hooks to hold summer hats/stuff.

Or -- use the main wall to hang a grid of personal summer photos (check Ikea for fun dark frames) Maybe local hangouts?

Or -- check around for a vintage local map of the area -- always fun! Or vintage photos of the area -- especially beach photos!

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Oh Teacats, thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas! A photo wall is a great idea and I will begin working on that right away! I was just at IKEA a few days ago and noticed all the frames - I'll be heading back there :)

I really appreciate all the ideas from everyone! I knew all you wonderful Garden Web gurus would know what to do! Thanks :)

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