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DSK1967April 23, 2012

Attached please find a link to the plan for our family room in our renovation.

My original plan was to mount the TV over the fireplace, but the more I think about it the less I want to do that - angle of view and inability to set up speakers/home theater. Also the fam room is open to the kitchen, and there will be a be a TV in the kitchen as well, if over the fireplace it will compete.

I'm thinking of changing the plans to get rid of the bay windows in the back and keep it a solid wall (or smaller windows), put in some built-in type furniture, and mount the TV and speakers there.

For seating, I'm having a hard time with what kind of furniture to use, and where it will go ..... we have a leather sectional that I guess could go in front of the TV or fireplace, but am having a hard time envisioning a good layout with all the moving parts.

Also any comments on the entire first floor plan would be appreciated, these are not necessarily final (ie we are centering the entryway and making the guest bedroom smaller), any and all thoughts are welcome!

Second floor is being revised, will post that shortly as well.



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I can't open your link.
Perhaps try to post it as a picture on a picture hosting site.

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No opinion (yet) on the family room, but a couple of other points:

You have A LOT of closets in the guest room ... is there a special reason for this? You could move the front door to the left without making the guest room much smaller just by getting rid of some of the closet space and reconfiguring the space. If the walk-in is meant to be the front-door closet, it doesn't need to be that large.

How do you see your living room being used? Right now it looks like a walk-through space. It's lacking a focal point; could you add another fireplace in there somewhere? It could be a lovely room with all those windows; perhaps it's just the furniture mock-up that makes it seem rather sterile.

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I can see why you are having trouble.
Your FR is so long and lean, and putting the fireplace right in the middle leaves a lot of room on the "ends" of the room.

Really, I'd think this type of room would be better with 2 separate seating areas, one around the TV if you like, and one around the FP. But, having the FP centered on the long wall doesn't facilitate that.

If you really like this floorplan, perhaps you can go to the decorating forum and see what they suggest.

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I second the advice to post this in the Decorating forum.

If it were me, I'd do 2 seating areas: put the TV area in the bottom part so it doesn't compete with the kitchen TV, and move the fireplace towards the top, and center some seating around it.

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Do you have an "as is" floorplan so we can see what you are currently working with? What's potentially new vs. old? What can change/move? What can't?

For instance, as others have noted, the family room is too long for it's depth and does not work centered around the fireplace, yet there isn't a good way to split the functions in two without moving the fireplace. If the fireplace is new, then moving it would be an option, whereas if it's existing, then moving it would not be an option, but perhaps reworking walls would be a possibility. But, overall, trying to make furnishings compensate for poor architectural design is the wrong approach. Fix the architectural issues and the interior design will naturally flow from that.

It's difficult to make suggestions without that information.

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Hi All,

Thanks so much for the comments!

This is a complete renovation, so anything can be moved or adjusted (including the fireplace).

To answer some of the previous comments:

- The plans are going to be adjusted - we are going to center the entry of the house, and reduce the closet space / size of the guest bath. Probably a stall shower instead of a full tub.

- The kitchen is completely changing ..... will post those plans when available

- The family room - the side to side is pretty much set, we can't make it much thicker. We can move the fireplace.

- The living room - we are thinking about using it more as a library / office. Built in bookcases and a large desk. Or should we leave it as a traditional living room with couch etc? I just don't know the function of the 'living room' with a 'family room' that will be the primary non-kitchen hangout on the first floor.

Should I still put on the decorating page, since we might change the architectural drawing?


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Take your existing and new proposed to the building forum or here. But, post both.
Then, see what feedback you get for improving your structural flow.

Then, finally, take it to the decorating forum (and for your kitchen, be sure to post it in the kitchen forum).

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Have you considered putting a double sided FP on the wall between LR and FR so it can be enjoyed by both?

Then, you can have your entertainment space nearer the kitchen side of that FR.

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