cabinet latches - difficult to use?

waterbury41April 15, 2009

I purchased latches from RH for my cabinet doors. When I showed them to my builder, he said that I would regret installing them because they would be so difficult to use. He said I would always have to open the cabinet door with the knob first and that even when I did that, I'd have nothing to hold onto to open the opposite door. That sounded reasonable to me and I'm now reconsidering them. But I love the look and so many people seem to get the latches. Any thoughts from people who have latches in their kitchens? Do you like them?

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I had these same concerns and posted a similar question which I'm linking below so that you can read the responses I got.

I ended up installing icebox latches on the glass doors on my hutch and on the family room entertainment center. They are easy to open and I love the way they look. However, I only have them on the one double door. If I had a lot of wall cabinets with double doors, I don't think I would have used them.

I used the Restoration Hardware latches for my dining room cabinetry. I'm glad I didn't use them in my kitchen because I find the little twisty knob a little hard to turn. Maybe with continued use they'll become less stiff.

Good luck!


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I remember reading about this when looking at jbrodie's kitchen (link below).

She said she used RH hardware except for the latches, which she got from Rejuvenation and were easy to use. She also said the RH latches weren't easy to operate. She mentions them in the posts on Sun, Mar 1, 09 at 20:36, and 23:12.


Here is a link that might be useful: 99% Finished Kitchen--creamy white w/soapstone

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Thanks to both of you. I so appreciate the feedback. Ericakh--the latches you used in your dining room look exactly like the ones I ordered for my kitchen. it your opinion that they'd be impractical for daily use in a kitchen? In other words, turning the knob in order to pull either door open? I'm now leaning toward traditional knobs on the cabinet doors, despite how charming the latches are. Thanks so much for your info.

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I love latches too and we have two in our newly redone kitchen. I was going to do more but decided only to put them on the taller pantry cabs since I wouldn't be going in and out of those constantly. However, the ones we have are easy to use so I think they would have been fine--they are from Van Dyke's and are the style with the bar handle, which I think is easier.

HOWEVER we have them only on single inset doors, so I'm not opening a second door. I think that might get annoying. With two doors, do you have to use two hands to keep one door closed while opening the other? With one door you are working against the stability of the frame.

The other thing to remember is that latches were originally used back before cabinets had magnets to help keep them closed. Our first kitchen had one of the original 1920s cabinets with the latch and no magnet, and it was very easy to operate. So using them now with the standard magnet is sort of belt and suspenders. But they do look nice!


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waterbury, I don't think I'd like the twisty style of latch if I were planning to use them on a lot of doors, and especially not if you have a lot of double doors. Just for clarification, on double doors, you don't have to hold the other door closed, the magnet keeps it closed. But in order to get into the side without the latch, you have to first open the door with the latch. Hope that makes sense.

I don't care for knobs except for pretty glass ones, so I ended up using a combination of handles and bin pulls in addition to the icebox latches on my hutch. I really like having the mixture.

Good luck!


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I have latches from Cliffside Industries in my Pantry and I LOVE them. Easy to use and very well made. I would Highly recommend them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Butlers Pantry Latches

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We have the RH latches in our kitchen. I have mixed feelings about them... I LOVE the way they look and almost everyone who comes in our kitchen comments on how lovely they look. I had a coupon for Restoration Hardware (plus they were on sale) and the price I paid for them was significantly less then any others I found. The quality of the latches seems to vary from latch to latch... some are quite easy to open while others are pretty hard to twist. Luckily I had way overestimated the amount we needed, so I was able to pick through them and return the stiffest ones. We are hoping they will loosen up with time. Would I use them again? Probably, because I really didn't want to spend anymore on hardware, but really wanted the look. I'd rate them as mildly annoying to open, but in my opinion it's worth it....

After reading the above responses, I just now realized that all of our frequently used uppers are single doors. So I really only have to deal with the double door situation on the sink cabinet (and yes that one is a little more annoying then the rest). Here are a few pictures of ours. Please excuse the missing molding and trim... we're still a work in progress :)

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I'm assuming that you cannot install these latches very easily if you have beaded inset.

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Thanks to all of you. Really appreciate the info. Guess it's a matter of what you're willing to tolerate/live with. BTW, love all your kitchens! judydel--I think you're right that installing latches with beaded inset doors is more complicated and/or requires some modification to that area of the cabinet. Another reason my builder was not happy with my selection.

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How's everything coming along? Do you have any photos of your finished kitchen yet?

I can't wait to see what hardware you choose!

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