Paper Faced Metal Corner Bead & Multiple Intersecting Corners

sequoia_2007April 8, 2012

To comply with COUNTY code inspection requirements I have to build a fire resistant cover for a three-inch ABS soil drain exposed in the garage and the connection of a two-inch ABS sink drain penetrating the cover. Below is a picture of what I came up with. I decided to use paper faced metal corner bead, but after I started laying out some individual pieces it became obvious I was going to have a problem keeping all 9 pieces aligned and tight to the drywall when imbedded in wet mud. NOTE: I have never installed corner bead before.

I will need 9 individual pieces of corner bead that create two 90-degree three-way corners and 4 three-way off angle corners. All the information I see online for 90-degree three-way corners shows the 3 pieces of corner bead intersecting with 45-degree miters.

I was thinking of breaking the application of the corner bead up into three sections. First the top three horizontal pieces, then the bottom three horizontal pieces, then the middle three vertical pieces. I would eliminate the miter where the 90-degree three-way corner meets at the vertical pieces and use butted square ends like I will use at the three way off angle intersections. I would then clean the intersection where the vertical and horizontal corner bead meets before the mud dries so I would be able to apply the vertical pieces after the horizontal pieces are set and dry. Does this sound like a good plan? Will the 90-degree corner bead stay aligned at the intersections and tight to the drywall when set in wet mud?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and consider my questions.

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That pinpoint corner is absolutely deadly if you fell into it, being metal. How about plastic bullnose?

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There is a sink right next to the plumbing cover, which would prevent someone from falling directly on the pointed cover edge. NOTE: Such pointed edges are common in garages with water heater stands.

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