Ta Da! GardenWebNewbie's BS dilemma update...

gardenwebnewbieApril 17, 2013

It's been a few months since I have posted. I've 'here' on a daily basis, just quietly... There has been so much I wanted to jump in and help others with and I feel horrible about it...but I'll tell you why and share with you my update!

(For those who aren't familiar, here is my last posting with pics of the kitchen as it was)


I been dying to show you what I came up with, YET I HAVE A DISCLAIMER. LOL This slab leak/kitchen damage ordeal has been such an emotional roller coaster for me (began Nov. 2011) and has/had just short of sent me into a severe depression (clinical depression has been a life long affliction for me to start with) I have been a little shy about posting pics. Everyone has had such wonderful ideas and feedback...it's just that now that I have done most everything, and I am THRILLED and RELIEVED with the results, I am asking you to be gentle with me and share positively. ;-)

In a nutshell, all of our backsplash avenues, including saving the existing granite and using the bench material for a shorter backsplash, failed for one reason or another. Shortly after my last post in December, I went granite shopping to see what was out there. I fell in love with a 'crisp' Santa Cecelia that had more depth than I had ever seen before. It had a white background vs. the gold that the Juparana Persa had and was a smaller pattern in my smaller kitchen then the JP was. I felt it would calm my kitchen and my thoughts...and it did! I also looked at a few of the white granites and realized with my smaller floor plan, I needed something on the warmer side so it all flowed from room to room.

I knew that this particular Santa Cecelia was it! (taken outdoors)

The demo began in January and took a couple weeks. I was really worried about the process, but with a lot of extra precautionary measures taken by my husband and I, the mess was not too bad and most everything made it thru unscathed. We did have a lot of drywall replacement to do as the demo pretty much totaled the existing drywall.

We chose a six inch matching granite backsplash but stepped it up a bit by having the fabricators finish the edge on the BS the same as the counter edge. I thought it ended up really nice and looks a bit more finished/polished than if we had it squared off as it's usually done. I didn't go smaller than 4 as I am somewhat of a messy cook and didn't want to be wiping walls all the time and wearing out the paint. I felt 6 was a nice compromise from the normal 4" and the 7.5" that we had prior to the slab leak that I never had a second thought about.

I still need decorations, etc. as it look quite stark in the room now. We are currently looking for a new leather sectional and area rug for the family that's connected to the kitchen before we choose knick knacks, wall dec's, etc. I also want to put a valance of some sort above the kitchen window but am again waiting for the sectional/rug to be chosen.

One thing that I did that wasn't planned was adding some unused library moulding trim that came with our cabinet order. On a whim I had the contractor add it to the kitchen bench, thinking it would tie it in to the cabinets vs. just having a white moulding above the seat. There was some wall damage from removing granite on that bench so something needed to be put there. I'm not sure if I am going to leave it as it is (although not ideal and does cut the area in half) as I am used to it. LOL I may swap it out for matching trim or paint the library moulding there already white. Thoughts? The bench is not used except for a place to set homework for the night, my purse, a magazine, iPad, etc., white we need to use the island, which is our only kitchen seating area. I am not against adding a pillow or two to each side that will coordinate with the kitchen sink window valance...they won't be utilized for that purpose but may look nice. Thoughts?

I am also not 100% on the white outlet covers. 99%, not 100% LOL They do match with the window, door and base trim color. All outlets, as well as the A/C and heater vent are white throughout the entire home. DH feels a darker color such as oil rubbed bronze or the like will be too dark and beige covers don't match the paint. Like I said, I am used to it, my stress level is relieved from a few months ago (most important) and I need to let it lie for now.

I feel zen and calm about it all now... :-)

Here's a teaser pic, there are lots more detailed ones in the link below.

Oh WAIT, I almost forgot, we also lopped off the oddly shaped 'tail' piece that was on the original island. It was a fabulous trash pull out but it made the island too big, too awkward and by taking it out we have so much more room to walk around in our 'triangle' area. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWebNewbie's redo of a redo!

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Glad to hear things have improved for you and that your project is almost complete. Unfortunately the link you provided for your redo is not working. Hope you can get it to work so we can all enjoy seeing your space.

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badgergal - GAH!! Sorry about that. PB changed formats since I used it last. Please try it now.

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Your pictures and link are fine now.
I can see why you feel all zen now. Your redo of your redo is very nice. You found a great slab of granite. It is warm without being too yellow. I like your higher than 4 inch backsplash and love how you put it up the wall behind your stove.
I think the molding in the window seat area is nice but I think it should be painted white like the window and door trim.
As an aside, it has been cloudy, gloomy,rainy, and cold in my neck of the woods for so long that it is affecting my psyche so much that I am getting somewhat depressed. So right now, I am hoping that sunny days are ahead for both of us and for all other GWers that need them.
Good luck on the finishing touches of your kitchen. Your space looks great.

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I was thinking about you and am very happy you resolved all your issues. Yes, a kitchen can be so stressful. You totally made the right decision changing the granite. The Juparana was beautiful but you exhausted every possible tile for the backsplash and I believe you would still be looking forever to match it up.
I love your new granite on the island and counter. Also, less stress by putting in the 6 inch splash. Paint the wall and you are done!
I am happy that you checked back in and updated us. And what an update it is! :) :) (two smiles for a job well done)

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Just looked at your link and it looks like your walls are painted. I couldn't tell on the first picture!

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Oh, that's very nice! I LOVE that granite with you cabinets! Such a nice space, I hope you can enjoy it now.

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Holly- Kay

Just lovely! Gorgeous cabs and granite!

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Thank you all so much for taking a peek! I pulled my back out the day I posted here - my sincerest apology for not checking in sooner!

The decision to change the granite has been a HUGE weight off of my shoulders and a cloud lifted off of my depression. I know in the grand scheme of things, especially with the national and world tragedies of late, I shouldn't be so caught up in the superficial. I also know, of anyone, GW is a refuge of valuable advice and friendship that helped me an enormous deal through a difficult time. For that, THANK YOU and MANY cyber hugs to you all! (((GW Friends))).

In all actuality, once it was all said and done, the difference between replacing the granite vs redoing just the backsplash with the type of tile I was looking at, was not that huge of a cost difference at all. I felt really blessed to find the two slabs that I did. The pricing was phenomenal. I put two on hold on a Friday and when I went back on Monday to visit, all seven of the slabs from that run were sold.

@badgergal - Thank you! I most likely will end up painting the bench trim white. It makes more sense. I hope that the sun has had a chance to peek out where you are and your spirits are lifting. Feel free to email me to chat anytime.

@ellendi - You have always been on the forefront in my mind reminding me I really needed to delurk and post my update! Thank you for the double smilies!! Funny story about the paint. We had a gallon of the color we have all over the house (Dunn Edwards in River Bed) except in 200% that we used for a small niche above our stairwell. I gave that to the painters for the kitchen, thinking I had an extra gallon of the 100%. They noticed it right away that it was darker. I took my granite sample over to the stairwell and realized it went even better with it than the 100% so they finished with it.

@williamsem - thank you!

@holly-kay - thank you!

It's my turn to now check in and follow your lead in lending any advice I can to all of you.

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Wow! How did I miss this in my 200 emails a day plus checking the posts.
If we had not done our cave and nook(which I love), I could have done an island like yours- I never even thought of that option- darn!

Glad you are enjoying it! It looks great and very functional!

Hopefully the other link has more pictures!

PS our kitchen size is very similar

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A2gemini, thank you for the kind words! I love your kitchen and had spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the Rixi work as it looks so gorgeous in your kitchen (and Ellendi's!).

If you click in the picture, that should take you to a few more pictures at different angles, etc.

I also showed some close ups of the edge we switched to which was more of a rounded edge with a flat bottom. We originally had a mitered edge to hide the seam somewhat better than a regular laminated edge as we have a plywood base. What I found out was that some granites chipped more than others, especially when they become paper thin at the 45 (??) angle necessary to fit the two pieces together. JP was one of those granites, so there were more epoxy areas than I had envisioned. It also bothered my elbows when sitting at the island. We also had them match the rounded aspect at the sink edge and the backsplash edge, which IMO, makes it a bit different than the 'norm.'

As far as the island, for as many con's were against it, we had just as many pro's for it. I always said I wanted an island in my next house. Well, we've been here 15 years and it doesn't appear that we are moving anytime soon so we made it work. I am so glad we did, it really gets used a lot. We had to forgo the kitchen table, however we still have the dining room table if we need more or formal seating. Resale may be affected down the road, however as there isn't any sink or cook top on it, it could be very easily removed and put back to being able to fit a table.

Another issue was with the existing bench seat (non removable as the wall behind the bench does not go all the way down to the slab...association rules against changing any exterior) but it's fine. I am still toying with painting the dark trim piece that is there so it fades a bit more into the background. I got a pretty basket that I set on the bench in the center to hold the daily mail and newspaper....so it doesn't function as a bench but more of an overflow space.

Thanks again for your reply! I am happy to say I have not shed a single tear over this kitchen since!!

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What a lovely kitchen, and the new granite looks fantastic!! I love your cabinets, and really love the nook with window seat behind the island. Great job, congrats!!

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So, so glad this has worked out for you. As you have seen on here, you are not alone in this process.
Now the only thing left is for you to enjoy your kitchen for many many years to come!

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