2 full price offers on the first day!

mfbensonOctober 3, 2009

Wow! Well, first off, a big thanks to everyone in this forum, I learned an awful lot about selling a home and it seems to have been time well spent. An extra thanks to everyone whom I lost an argument against, those were of course the times of greatest learning.

It doesn't matter anymore since I've accepted an offer (of course, it could fall thru but I've got a backup offer) but here is my listing:

Here is a link that might be useful: My house for sale

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That's great! I live in Lewisville, too, and the house looks fairly priced and I'm sure that helped.

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In hindsight I probably could have asked 144,000 but then the offers would have come in in the upper 130's and we'd have the back-and-forth of counteroffers and more offers... I accepted one of the offers with no counter, so done. The buyer brought his parents over today to get some buy-in from them and that made me nervous but fortunately the parents' expectations were very reasonable so we're still a go.

And, no offense, but I'm tired of Lewisville. It's one of the main reasons I'm leaving - it doesn't feel like a community to me, just a place.

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Congrats! Hope it goes through - I just posted this longggg post of an update from my experience on buying a home and the home inspectors - hopefully, you won't have any unknown problems come up during the inspection, if the buyers have one done, that is. You may want to read my posts to see the link of what they look for, and another post of what mine found - it may help you do some stuff before an inspector comes out - thankfully, you didn't have to go down in price - but some things may come up that can eat away at the money you get at closing.

Good luck, and best wishes for a smooth closing!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Inspectors

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Congratulations! I hope you have a quick and hassle free close.

We've been hearing that locally house sales are picking up in all price ranges. The good houses still go faster.

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Are you moving in the area?

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Apparently my agent is very confident in the sale, the listing is no longer there on realtor.com.... oh well, so far my buyer seems like he's going thru with it. My buyer is this, um, kid, who still lives with his parents and its pretty much mom and dad, especially mom, that has been the actual negotiator. She's had all manner of inspectors out to the house, and they did find a few issues... no show-stoppers, but I am giving them an allowance at close now.

As far as the new house I'm going to, that's turning out to be a little more interesting. It is a house that is only 2 years old, yet during that time it doesn't seem to have had a lick of maintenance done on it.

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Your Realtor doesn't have much control over the listing on Realtor.com. Once the status of the listing changes from "active" to "pending" or "under contract" Realtor.com no longer displays it.

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