Quilt Block Lotto winner aug/sept

micyreySeptember 30, 2011

Drum Roll Please!!!!!

I cant beleve it... Dee picked #16...

and that was mine(I forgot to put my name in and stuck it in last)

thank you everyone for playing, no need to send postage next lotto I will save all the money sent in for this one and use it for the next.

this will be made and donated to Quilts of Valor, I will post a pick when I get it done this winter. we have a vets home near by in Quincy, IL and I will take the finished quilt there it be sent to a wounded vet. I'm sure all your hard work will be greatly appritiated.

thanks again to all players I will continue to host and make blocks for all lottos but will be out of the drawing for at least the rest of the year.


PS...we need to decide if the lottos will go back to monthly or stay bi-monthly?

please post a vote.

our next one was picked by polardream, spinner block in fall colors.

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Congratulations!! Michelle! Won't a special vet be surprised & blessed w/your quilt gift!

I don't really have a preference as to monthly/bi-monthly lottos, but I know many like the extra time they have to get the blocks done when we go bi-monthly. I'm a procrastinator from birth, so regardless which way we go, I'll wait until the last minute to make mine! LOL

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Awww, congrats Michelle!!! Don't know why I couldn't post to the existing thread but glad you got my number pick by email...that was frustrating! Wonderful that the quilt will be going to a vet. From my work with vets, I know how much they all appreciate such acts of kindness. Have fun making that quilt! :)


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Can you post a new thread for the next Quilt Lotto? I know Kay had one she set up with the quilt picks from past winners, but if you are using that one......then it's long hidden and on a new thread for the next lotto, you could just link to it. If you aren't using the old format, we need to know which spinner pattern and more info as to fabric choices like backgrounds.

Congrats on the win, Michelle and yes it's nice to know it will be going to QOV.

As for staying on bi-monthly or going back to monthly......I don't care either way. We might like to do an Oct/Nov one for the spinner, since we shall all be into Christmas/holiday sewing now. But, I would like to see another December lotto for Christmas blocks like we did last year. Everyone had scrap fabric from their Christmas sewing and crafting and we had I think 32 blocks, because I won that one and didn't need that many blocks and drew a runner up name so we could split the jackpot.

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Congrats, Michelle! So glad to hear about the QOV - that's what I was going to do if I won.

I vote for a December Christmas block too. Always a good way to use up holiday scraps.

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Congratulations Michelle! The moderator deserves to win occasionally. And a QOV is exactly what I would have done with those blocks. I know it will be beautiful.

I'm OK either way with the lottos - one a month, or one every two. I participate whenever I can.

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Congrats Michelle!

I could go either way - I think I have my blocks sent in for the next one since I picked the spinner! Whatever the group decides to do will be just fine.

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Congratulations, Michelle!
I saw someone asked about the pattern chart I had posted before you so graciously agreed to take over as moderator.

I'm attaching a link to that google page, as I hadn't deleted it yet. Of course, the winners you've had since you started and their pattern choices haven't been added to it, but at least it covers the next block pattern.

Hope it's helpful!

Here is a link that might be useful: 2011 Lotto Patterns

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