Does anyone know about...

karpetSeptember 15, 2009

silk screened print fabrics by Harwood Steiger? I bought 2 pieces at a sale last weekend because they just caught my eye.

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I don't know the particular brand BUT anything that is silk screened means the design was ADDED after the fabric was already made. So the design instead of being part of the fabric actually sits on top of the fabric.
It's how T-shirts are usually made with varying graphic designs.
I'd be concerned that for a quilt it might not hold up as well as a fabric where the design is woven into the fabric or dyed on too it unless it was for a wall hanging or a quilt that wasn't going to get much use.

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That's quite a find! Can you post a picture?
These are classic fabrics from the 1970's in very distinctive prints. I would treat it gently.

Congrats on your buy!


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One of the pieces is on light blue, but has the design on the first link,
The second piece is orange like the second link and is a border print.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am writing a book on Harwood Steiger textiles. What would you like to know?

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Wow Cynthia! I was so surprised to see this post come back up again! I still have the two pieces and have not decided how to use them. How many fabrics did he make and where were they sold?

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