Removing soffits above pennisula

lynne412April 11, 2013

I have a peninsula in my kitchen and above that are cabinets. The cabinets have been removed, the soffit remains, at least for now. My question is do I remove the soffit above peninsula and the sink. There are cabinets next to the sink along with soffits but those don't bother me as much. Will removing part of the soffit look funny. Please help!

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I think it would be fine to remove the soffit where there are no cabinets below.

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Before you do anything, you should confirm if there is any plumbing hidden in the soffit. My girlfriend had a soffit over her peninsula that could not easily be removed so they kept it. Anything can be moved but it just depends on budget. In my kitchen the soffit over the sink and stove can be removed. However, there is a long wall were the soffit is flush to the cabinets and has duct work in it. For us Its just not worth it to remove.

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