Sump Pit, no Pump or Inlet

bbeardbOctober 24, 2012

I had an inspection done on a house I'd like to buy, and the inspector was extremely worried about this one finding. There was a sump pit that had never been opened since built (1999, we had to chip up concrete to open it) and found about two inches of water. There was no pump or opening whatsoever in the pit. Given that there was no way for water to get in there, except maybe from the top although there is NO evidence of there ever being a basement flood, I'm assuming the water has been in there since new.

I've never had a sump pit. I don't know if this is a big deal. The next door neighbor does not have a pit. The neighbor across the street also has a pit but has no inlet or pump as well. I'm in Colorado if that helps.

Should I be concerned?


PS. I've been a Gardenweb lurker for years. If ever I needed any information on the internet and found an answer on Gardenweb, I was sure to read it. There's a great group of people here.

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It was likely installed at construction and then not needed.

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Almost always, water gets into a sump pit from the bottom up, not from the top. It is just groundwater. If it bothers you, put in a sump pump and exit the drain to the outside.

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The inspector is extremely worried at finding an unused sump pit? Or at finding some water in it? Neither of those is cause for concern in my book. Water can seep through concrete, it can condense, lots of non-scary reasons there'd be a small amount of water there. I wouldn't think twice about it.

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