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carolmlApril 9, 2013

Our new pantry cabinet was built to be 18" deep with 14" interior shelves. I had planned on mounting shelving to the interior of the doors to a depth of no more than 4" to hold pantry goods, including tins, etc. I am having trouble deciding what would be the best time of shelving? At the moment I am leaning towards the Elfa wire baskets. Any other solutions out there?

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These came from my cabmaker. They might be Rev a Shelf. If you would like to know for sure, I can try to find out.

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Thanks Ginny. My cabinet maker showed me those but the sizes offered didn't work that well for my cabinets. They look nice, though.

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How wide is the space you need shelves for? I'm looking on Lee Valley for you, and they have one that is ~12" long, and 3.9" deep.

Here is a link that might be useful: wire basket shelf

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before you add shelving for cans and other heavy things like that, make sure that the cabinet and the hinges can support that much weight and won't sag or break over time.

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Didn't want to hijack the thread but that is my primary concern.

Isn't anyone else afraid that - support or no support - hanging stuff on the door(s) would sooner or later destroy your expensive cabinet(s)?

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Thanks raehelen, I forgot about Lee Valley - we even have a store in town so I can see them in real life.
Eleena - This storage was in my plans from the beginning so my cabinet maker put three heavy duty hinges on doors that are each 49" high. I won't put all cans,not wanting to push my luck, they could also hold cracker boxes and other less heavy things. There's always a need for more storage.

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eleena - Valid point. I just assumed I could do it, since this is where my spices were in the old kitchen for over 20 years. The 50-year-old Woodmode slab door on that cab held up a bunch of little shelves. I don't know what the PO put in there, but I always put my spices there. When I was talking to the cabmaker, I opened the door and said "I want this again, only taller." He put in a bunch of hinges to support the door. I just looked, and there are no marks on the inside of the door. The shelves don't allow the bottles to rest against the door itself, so the surface is protected. My young Mennonite cabmaker has a lifetime guarantee on the cab, so I know he wouldn't have done this if he anticipated problems. But you're right - you shouldn't do this unless your cabmaker, like carol's, gives you his (or her) blessing and puts in extra hinges. In my case, spices, being dry, are relatively light.

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