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rspeckerApril 15, 2013

I am remodeling my house and want to make sure that no air/smells come up from under the house. I am installing hardwood (most rooms) and stone/tile (entry/laundry/bathrooms) throughout the house. Heat will come from FAU in attic, with ducts in the ceilings.

Is there a product that I should have contractor put on top of the sub floor (e.g., some type of sealer) that makes sure the floor is impermeable? If so, can I also put this material at bottom of bay inside the wall between the studs--so that the walls are also impermeable with respect to the crawl space?

Basically, I don't want any holes in my walls/floors relative to the crawl space. Is there some reason this is not possible? It seems like it should be possible to make the floor completely air tight.

I do not want whatever material I use to smell either--so it would need to be low or no VOC.

House is 1964 ranch-style in Northern California--standard framing construction with crawl everywhere--2x4 walls.

Hopefully this make sense!


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Sophie Wheeler

Vapor seal the ground under the crawlspace and properly insulate the subfloor. With your phobias here, look at doing spray foam as it will insulate and air seal both. But only if the moisture in the crawl is properly managed. If it's done incorrectly, then you would be holding a wet sponge against your framing.

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