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csackettSeptember 8, 2012

I had to cut strips for my quilt border and will have to sew them together to make them long enough. Should I just sew the ends together or sew them with a diagonal seam together.

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Either method works but the diagonal is the more traditional/accepted method. I will admit I've done it both ways. I used to think the diagonal was harder and took longer but once I started doing it I discovered it was just as easy. Diagonal does make for flatter seams and they say it's stronger as well. Really though, non-quilters will never notice. It's up to you.


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I've done it both ways, too. Something to consider is the fabric....solid or print? A print usually doesn't show a straight seam but I like to use diagonal with solid...not that I always do....depends on how much fabric I have. Not much help, eh?


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I think the diagonal seam is less noticeable. Of course, if the border is a stripe or directional fabric, you want to take extra care that everything matches up just so.


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I think it depends on the width of the border. A diagonal seam on a wide border is going to be longer than a straight seam.

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Good point! On stripes I use a straight cut not a diagonal.

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I base it on width, too. If the border is over 3" wide I use a straight seam, usually diagonal for narrower ones.


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