new hardwoods to match the old??

marrilynJune 8, 2012

We are getting ready to give our kitchen a much needed face lift. It currently has sheet vinyl flooring which will be replaced.

It is right next to the den area which has an older but still in good condition hardwood floor. It is narrow plank orangey oak pegged hardwood, circa 1965. Most of you guys would probably hate it, but I don't mind it, I think it's kinda "homey". :) I also have the same hard wood in the dining room and four bedrooms upstairs.

Would it be possible to get a hardwood floor for the kitchen that matches it? I guess it is specifically the "pegged" part that I wonder about. Does anyone still do that? And if so, who? And do you think it would it be extremely costly?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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I didn't know what pegged floors are, so I looked it up. This is the first thing I found.

But I think it would be okay to install a wood with no pegs. I know I wouldn't notice it, and if I did, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pegged floors

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I wouldn't mind the older flooring either and get exactly what you mean about a more homey feel. :c)

I'd be afraid that the costs to have that done (if it's even possible) would probably out weight the benefits, but have to agree, if you match the tones as much as possible with the new floor, it probably won't be a problem. Heck, you could probably just have it sanded and stained to match perfectly.

I do remember a year or two ago there was a poster with a floor like that (they are awesome looking btw) and she installed just a regular floor that matched, it still looked very nice but I don't think you can't really go wrong with wood anyways.

To answer you're question specifically though I would call around to some of the more established floor laying companies. Maybe they have someone who still does it or can at least point you in a good direction. I would also cross post this in the flooring forum.

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Sort of like this?

We're remodeling a 1949 house with this floor in the living room, dining room and entrance hall. We've decided to leave the LR/DR floors as they are, but take up the hallway floor. We're putting in a new kitchen and opening up the wall between the DR & kitchen to 6 feet. The entrance hall and kitchen will be bamboo. We're waiting on samples before we decide on the color, but will probably go with a darker chestnut color of bamboo.

It's a compromise. If money were no object we'd take up all of the oak (it can be donated/reused) and have new bamboo floor everywhere, but the cost is more than we want to pay right now with everything else that's going on.

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Thanks for the responses so far.

oakleyok, thanks for the link, that was helpful.

lukki, I am also thinking it might be cost prohibitive.

ann, yes, it looks very similar to that! My pegs are stained a darker brown though and are pretty noticeable. I am thinking that a similar floor without the pegs would look kind of modern and brand new next to the floor with the pegs.

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Three years ago I instaled site-finished red oak flooring in my living room. It butted up against 15 year old red oak in kitchen in one doorway and 40 year old #3 grade mixed oak in the dining room. The #3 grade flooring was made of a mix of different oaks, shorter pieces, but really interesting The hardwood company made me a threshold board where it met the dining room. It all blends together well. None of it had been stained, just clear poly applied, which means they all take on a slightly orange cast. I think it give my floors "character" and never notice the variations.


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