Need a creative backspash solution

theismaApril 12, 2011

We have had new cabinets installed in the kitchen and are reusing the granite countertops. Because of the difference in the cabinets themselves and the out-of-square walls there is a piece to one side of the range of about 30" that will have about a 1" gap between the countertop and wall. (and have the same overhang as the other countertop) Does anyone have any ideas for a backsplash solution that is this wide? Most backsplashes seem to be about 1/2".

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Since the 1" gap is on one side of the range and therefore discontinuous with the overhang on the other side, you could "cheat" the overhang and decrease the gap.

A strip could be laminated to the backsplash rear to make up the approx. 1/2".

A little juggling with the above and any taper with out-of-square walls could fool the eye of most viewers.

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Surfaces can be built out and tapered quite a bit with joint compound, possibly enough to make your back splash work. A good finisher can work wonders [especially with fast-set mud.

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Thanks for the ideas. After the countertop was installed we ended up (at the maximum) with 1 3/16". We'll see what works best.

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