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jack707October 12, 2013

I might buy this house in the country .In 09 they had their own inspection so I wanted my own so yesterday he went thru the house and I cant understand how far the house fell. The BIGGEST PROBLEM is bats and thousand of flys in the attic! along with ther pee and crap most of the outlets not wired right ,the plumbing needs to be fixed and with new windows and no heat run in the master bedroom! and a host of other stuff. I'm glad I had it done! so tell me if this is fair we agreed on 115,000 but after I saw all the things that needed to be done I dropped it to 100,000 and 15k in escrow now I have a feeling the seller is gonna drag their feet on this now and waste more time getting a 3rd party involved the reason I'm saying this is because here in Wis. the real estate lady has to play it both ways for me and also the seller and I also get the feeling she wanted a quick sale but I didn't want to take the report word for it a lot can happened in 5 years.

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I just emailed her and told her it had to many ISSUES!.

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on to new houses to bad she wont get her 3% before Christmas!.

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The house is a nightmare! everything need fixing the electric, ac/heat and plumbing (LEAKS) and also the attic of bat crap and pee( BIO HAZZARD) it would be better for him to level the house and just sell the 20 acres.

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Sounds like a bunch of minor things that come up on every home inspection. You don't say what plumbing issues there are, but I'll bet nothing major. The biggest issue is no heat in the master. The other issues you mention are minor. So far, nothing sounds like a $15k fix.

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Remediating the bat guano in the attic can take thousands of dollars ... because you have to also find and seal where they are entering. And often the chemicals in the guano damages the structure so you rebuild parts of it.

Add to that the bad wiring and the plumbing problems ... it's a walk-away house.

The $15,000 in escrow would barely cover the risk and it could be much worse.

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