The result of a binding transplant!

karpetSeptember 30, 2012

This is the wedding quilt that I had sewed the brown binding on to the front of and was working on hand-sewing it to the back when I decided that the binding would look much better on the quilt top I had just finished - so I took it off and was going to use a different brown on this one, but once the binding was off, I ended up putting an aqua binding on instead and am happy I did

This is the quilt top that I had another brown binding for, but the design of the brown binding on the wedding quilt just seemed to fit with these fabrics better as the other brown had more realistic florals on it instead of stylized. This quilt is smaller than the wedding one so there was plenty of binding.

Now I hope to never take off another binding!


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It would have to be pretty bad to get me to remove a binding I'd stitched on already. Good for you! Both quilts are just lovely.

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Karlene, I think you made great choices. I love the brown binding on the blue quilt and the aqua looks great on the other one too.

These are both beautiful, stylish quilts!


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Both quilts look lovely. The first looks soft and dreamy and the second, bold and bright. Who is the second quilt for?

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I really like both of these quilts, especially the colors. I think your final choices were the right ones on the bindings. For some reason I think of the Islands looking at these quilts.

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Good job on both. Nice happy colours.

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That was definitely a lot of work, but the results look to be worth it. They are really nice :-)


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Successful operation ~ Both these quilts benefited from the colorful bindings you (finally) chose. I think bindings are often overlooked as a design element. Alot of extra work for you, but you must be thrilled with the results.
Nice quilt patterns. Great job overall.

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Thank you all. The second quilt is for a coworker who took a job out of state where she will be working with a father/son horse stable, but will primarily be left to run the stable when they are traveling. I wanted to make something bright, feminine and cuddly. (The backing is flannel with a dress print on it.)

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Love your use of prints. Really good choices on the bindings. Glad your labor was worth the effort and bravo for finishing!

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Applause! Love those prints and really like your quilting; both are fresh! Kudo's for going those extra miles with the binding switch.

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Hey Karlene,

Beautiful work & what a wonderful insight to switch the bindings! Looks like you really got that right, great job!

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I love both quilts, but my favorite is the 2nd one you posted in blues/pinks/yellow/greens. TFS!

Best to you,

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