My finished clothesline basket

jennifer_in_vaSeptember 4, 2011

In an earlier post I complained about tension when sewing with clothesline. Well, it all worked out (after awhile) and here's a photo of my project.

When I started 2 years ago with covering the clothesline with strips, it was supposed to be a totebag/purse. But now, I don't need something like that, so I changed it into a basket.

I'm very happy with how it turned out! As is my model.

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What a sweet model - perfect! Your basket and your model!

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Perfect use of the basket. I can't wait to see the two of you.


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Jennifer, did you wrap the strips around the cord? I made a tote a few years back doing that but I discovered they make GREAT cat beds. (that is is the cats will get out of the half finished projects long enough to finish them). haha


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Great basket. It would have made a great tote also. I'm glad you got the tension worked out. I want to try one someday.

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I think I prefer it as a basket as a tote seems like it would be pretty heavy. The Geezer and I are chuckling at your cutie....such a sweetie!


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THere are a couple of ways to do this I've found. This pattern called to have the jelly roll strips pressed in half, then the outer raw edges pressed to the center fold (so all edges are enclosed).

You then put the clothesline in the center down the fold and fold the fabric around the cord. Sew a straight stitch through it all down the length (125'). This was the MOST tedious part of the entire project. It's hard on arthritic hands.

Then you start working around making the base, then the sides using a zig-zag stitch. This wasn't too bad once I got the tension working right.

If anyone wishes, I'll have this at Retreat, along with a scrap of the cording and I can show you better.

Another way I've heard of doing it is to simply wrap the strip around the cord without any folding, leaving the raw edges showing. Kind if like the spiral on a candy cane. This wouldn't require the first step of sewing and could be wrapped and zig-zagged all at the same time. If I do another one, I'll try it that way.

I was thinking of trying it with 1" cording and making a rug for the kitchen...

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