Has anyone made a 4-patch Stacked Posey?

monicatxSeptember 22, 2007

Hi: Before I try and buy the pattern for a 4-patch Stacked Posey quilt I would like to know how difficult it is to line up the fabric. Who has made one???

I don't like to make small pieced quilts. I like the easy stuff, but love the sample I saw of this pattern. How much time to line up all that fabric?? I have watched someone line up the fabric for a One Block Wonder, and decided it was not for me.

I need your advice. Monica

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Monica, I've made one and it's BEAUTIFUL... we thought it looked VERY complicated... about 10 pages to the directions. BUT......... #1 some of the directions are overall views and photos not all of the pages are instructions #2 5 of us did it together as a "workshop" and that helped a lot.

Hints: 1) Take your time in lining up and getting the pins stuck through the exact right place

2) Cut carefully... a new blade will help a lot

3) Get fabric with an overall pattern (like flowers) but that has open background space also

It's so much fun to get the four pieces together and turn them every which way to see how they go together. Have you done Bethany Reynolds Stack N Whack??? This is more fun because there are only 4 pieces to meet at the center point and it is much more forgiving while still being loads of fun!

4) Read the directions completely when you can concentrate on them.. then go back and highlight the actual steps that you have to do i.e. folding the fabric, measuring the repeat, pinning, cutting etc... there is a LOT of excess info in the instructions if you've done much quilting. Yet they are VERY complete, though we thought a bit overwhelming in their entirety.

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Thanks, Connie, for the advice. One more question, did you do flowers, or what type of pattern did you use??

How long did it take you to line up the fabric patterns?

Thanks again, Monica

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Monica, I used a fabric with flowers (Just looked it up for you on the selvage of my remaining piece) "Georgian Manor" by Fabri=Quilt Inc #9028. It has dark red/purple/goldish flowers with dark green leaves and vines on a goldy/beige background... so there are lots of opportunities once the square is made to have a color (from the flowers) in the center... or green vines that show more of the background)... you'll see what I mean. Then I used the same fabric for the outer border. I just like that in the stack/whack type of quilts so people can see the "whole deal" and figure out how some of the blocks were developed. Then I made two narrower borders... one dark red, one dark green to set off the blocks from the main border. I also used a narrow (like 1/4" showing) around each block of 4 of dark green and sashed with about 3/4 " of neutral with dark red cornerstones. This probably doesn't make one bit of sense since you haven't bought the pattern yet and given it much of a look.

time? We had it cut and were figuring our mini-blocks in a fairly short time... but then with all of us working together, it was easier to figure the pattern the first time. On our own, we all agreed we would have probably taken a couple of days to make sure we were doing things right before we cut...hahhahahaha

If you decide to do this, just ask away and I'll try to help you...

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Hi, Connie: I just looked up the Fabri-quilt website and they have some fantastic fabric. According to their site, our local Bernina store sells their line. I may go and take a look after I buy the pattern - which will be a couple of weeks from now. (Lots to do already)

I love your idea for your quilt. It sounds very nice. The small boarders usually make a quilt really pop. My local quilt store where I usually buy my fabrics is having a class next month, but I think I'll just buy the pattern.

Thanks again for all your advice. It has really helped me make my decision to make the quilt.


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Monica, glad to be of help. And... if you can afford the fabric and time, I'd really recommend you take the class at the quilt shop... it's soooooooo much fun to see different fabrics and how they work into the quilt. That's where a lot of different girls each choosing different fabric can make it so much fun.

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I won't be taking a class right away. Just had the dog's teeth cleaned - will be broke for at least two months. But she's doing ok so I'm happy.

Yes, the fabrics in my quilt shop are awesome.

Thanks again.

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I just finished cutting one of these out last nite, and am taking the class on oct 13th.
This is a really beautiful quilt!
I didn't have too much trouble getting everything to line up, but I cut 4 repeats, and then pinned all 4 together on all 4 sides so no slippage could happen. Then, luckily, my repeat was only 12", so it was easier to manage.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this done

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OH MAN, Monica, can relate to that... I have a 12 year old that has super-rapid tartar build up no matter what we do, so it's just $$$$$ every 9 months :-((((( but, of course, we love her to death along with the 9 year old and the 16 year old cat, so what the heck... goes with the territory.

Hayden... you'll have so much fun watching everyone's quilt blocks come together... it's amazing what turns up from the different fabrics. I love this quilt.

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OK Ladies... You have my curiousity at high point. Anyone have pictures??

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I want to see a picture too.

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For pictures, go to Webshots and search for 4 patch stacked posies. Here is the link


You end up with a block that is four pieces sewn together. Each piece is cut from exactly the same pattern on your fabric so cutting must be exact. I just love the effect. You can come up with some fantastic patterns.

Since I haven't made one (yet!!!) I cannot post a picture.

Hope you like the pictures


Here is a link that might be useful: webshots

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Ladies, I made the quilt but don't post pics, soooo.... hopefully, you'll get the idea somewhere. I'm sure you're familiar with Bethany Reynolds' Stack n Whack quilts. You know how one fabric cut stacked up 8 (if I remember right) times gives you that kaleidoscope effect and you can't really tell what the original fabric was... that's the same type of deal only this is done with only four layers, so it's more forgiving but still the same idea...

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Oh, very cool.

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My fabric has a tiny bit more than 12" repeat - like about 12 1/4. What is the most common size to cut the strips for a large quilt - not mini? I'm pondering between 4" which would give me about a 7 1/2" block or 6" which would give me about an ll 1/2" block. Does the larger block work as well asthetically as the smaller one?

Ellie in CT where there is surprisingly still some fall color.

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