Is this a Fair Cost Estimate for a bathroom remodel?

ms222April 19, 2012

I'm redoing a 55 square foot bathroom...ripping out pretty much all the tiles etc..this quote is for labor only, I buy all the bathroom materials separately.

Here's whats being done:

1)Demo all walls, floor, shower curb and vanity

2) Install plumbing for second sink (going from single vanity to double vanity)

3) install one GFI outlet, vapor proof light for shower, one recessed light for main area and two sconce lights

4) Install tile backer, drywall, shower curb. Build three niches in shower area for soap, shampoo, etc.

5) Install new shower pan

6)Labor and setting materials to install bathroom tiles.

7) Install vanity and sinks

8) Paint inside door, casing, and remaining drywall.

9) Install toilet.

Total price $7,825.00

Is this about right or too much for a 55 sq ft bathroom, remember this is labor only i pay for all materials like the floors, subway glass tile for the shower, etc.

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If that is labor only, that seems high. I do many bath remodels similar to this but not having seen it I could only venture a guess at labor. For one guy it would take me about 2 1/2 weeks @ $40hr. that would be $4,000.
I have just sent out a proposal on a bath much more extensive than yours, relocating tub and toilet, moving vanity 6", new tub, tile tub and floor, vent, vanity strip light, pocket door and skim coat walls and ceiling. She will spend about $7,000 labor and material.

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@Don, what area of the country are you? And what is your trade? (Are you considered a GC, or do bathroom remodels specifically/only?) Just curious.

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It does seem high to me, but its someone i personally know so i need to figure out how to approach this.

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Sophie Wheeler

The average price for a mid range bath remodel is 16K. High end is 54K. More than half of that goes to labor. The costs you have been quoted are really not that high for an actual licensed, bonded, and insured contractor for a low end to medium grade bath. If he knows what he's doing to create a waterproof shower to code. About half the guys out there still are putting greenboard in showers. :/

Contractors price their work by the job, not by the hour. $40 an hour won't get you a "handyman" to change out your light bulbs, even in my low cost area of the country. Handyman rates start at around $50 an hour. Handymen aren't allowed to do a bathroom reno either because they do not have the necessary licenses. You need a real contractor.

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Thanks for your feedback holly. I was told he was going to use hardiboard backing. Does that sound appropriate? He is license, bonded, and insured and I know him personally. I just wanted to make sure the quote is fair, because in general it seems like a lot for the work that will be done considering there's just 1 sink to add for plumbing.

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Hollysprings, I am a Kitchen and bath remodeler,I have more work than I need, no advertising and do nothing but repeats and referrals. I don't know where you live nor do I care but If you have handimen screwing in light bulbs for $40 hr. then PT Barnum was right.
I do not work by the hr. but figure proposals at that plus 15%.
A modest bath remodel as I described, in the mts. of NC. will be under 10,000 labor and material. The job the poster is describing would be 2 1/2 weeks for me alone and if I charged $7800.00 for 2 1/2 weeks of labor only I couldn't sleep at night. By the way, that would be $78 hr.

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I would also like to know what is meant to be used in bathrooms - I also thought Greenboard was the right product.

What should be used?

We paid $10,000 for a bathroom remodel a while back. I know it was high though.

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I just did a bath remodel in Philly. I had estimates all over the map. Most were in the $32-42K range (but those subcontracted out a lot of the more specialized labor (i.e., tiling, electrical, plumbing) and charged what appeared to be a 25% mark up on all materials). I ended up going with a highly recommended contractor, but having to buy all of my own materials.

My bathroom is about 110 square feet and the total remodel cost was $10,750, and the finish materials were an extra $15K (contractor supplied the copper, pvc, shower liner, thin set and mortar, lumber, hardibacker included within his price). It took 18 work days. Having to buy all of the materials in a pain and took a lot of time; I guess that explains the reason for the mark up many charge.

For some reason, it's not letting me post the link to my post on my remodel. You can find it if you'd like to, or just use this:

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This estimate seems like a bit higher considering you buy materials- and this is only labor. I believe you can get better estimates! Good luck!

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The more relevant consideration may be the amount of work days the estimate is calling for. That's the only way to compare apples to apples (if that's even possible). My remodel was similar to yours in terms of the demo, etc. but I moved everything but the toilet around and added a separate tub and shower and replaced a window. Your labor doesn't sound that extensive and the bathroom is smaller (although that wouldn't make you labor half the cost).

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I am getting a new revised bid sheet from him in the coming week. Will post then. He had his tile guy come by and they stated that the 6"x24" porcelain could have a problem with warpage and its a difficult install. I told them just do a 1/8" grout line and they should be fine. Thanks guys.

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