Charity quilts 1-2-3

bev2009September 6, 2012

A friend and I are making quilts for a children's home in Africa. We have until Oct 1 to make nine and we started three weeks ago. I asked for fabric donations from FreeCycle and two ladies donated. The first lady gave over 10 yards of the green and about 5 yards of the animal print. She also gave sheets that were used in her parents campground in the 1960's. They are in great shape and very sturdy. We have no patterns, I just start cutting. So we started very simply and are "upgrading" as we go along. I've had a chance to try FMQ and am learning a lot about my new machine. These will win no awards, LOL, but I think the moms and kids will appreciate them.

Super quickie, had fun with decorative stitches

Used many scraps on this one.

Went crazy trying FMQ on this one. It's fun!

We have four more cut more pictures to come.

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I sure they'll be well received. They look wonderful!

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What a wonderful project. I know they will be so welcome. A friend of mine just returned from a visit to her home country of Zambia. She collects clothing and sends it back to the poor in her village. There is a great need in much of Africa. Thank you for helping.

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Wow...those are great and I'm sure will be much appreciated. Why only till Oct 1? If there was a little more time, I'd be happy to donate one.

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Dr. Moussa returns to Burkina Faso Oct 1 and he will be taking them with him. But I talked to the U.S. director and she said they will be going in January and I can send more quilts then. It would be wonderful if you would like to donate a quilt by Jan. I'll send you an email.

Just a little more info...Burkina Faso is the third poorest country. Our children's home, Bethesda, has a healthy mom, dad and child and three moms with AIDS and their children. A couple of the kids have AIDS as well, but everyone gets the necessary drugs and is doing very well. However, if one of the mom's passes away, the children will be able to stay in the home and not have to go through the trauma of finding somewhere else to live. A couple of the ladies have little businesses they can do when they are well. One lady has a cart and collects firewood to sell. Another does some sewing. We are having a fundraiser square dance in October to raise money for a second home. (It is a riot to see all the adults who don't know how to square dance try to learn...including me.!) When you are working with a national, you are able to do the work much cheaper. Vendors don't gouge Dr. Moussa like they would an American. We built the first home for $30,000!!! Dr. Moussa also has schools he has started with 1500 children attending. I'm sorry, I could go on and on. Off to the sewing machine I go.

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Littlehelen, I don't see an email for you. Can you send me one? Thanks

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Very nice, Bev, and what a worthwhile cause! It feels good, doesn't it?

I can't wait to see the rest of them. :)


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Bev: email message sent...thanks

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