Thomas Ville Cabinet failure to seal

dnichols57April 24, 2013

I bought the best kitchen cabinet available at Home Depot. What I did not know is the cabinets do not close all the way leaving a 1/8" gap between the door and the face frame. Normally this is not a problem but when the cabinet is next to the cooking and exhaust hood it is a disaster. Moist sticky grease filled air molecules come into the cabinets and the dishes get coated with grease. At first you don't notice it but then after a month or so the glasses and dishes on the top shelf are cloudy with grease and need to be washed. There has to be a way to seal these cabinets and still have them close properly. I know they can do better than this. Buyers beware.

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Sounds to me like either installation or hinge adjustment. What do the ones in the showroom look like?

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While there is a soft plastic door stopper to keep the doors from slamming it sounds like you need to adjust the hinges. 6 way adjustable hinges can adjust in and out as well as side to side and up and down. Get a screwdriver and start adjusting. It's VERY simple.

And get a MUCH better exhaust fan. People with decent exhaust fans don't experience any nasty grease on their dishes even with open shelving next to the range. Is yours actually exhausted externally? How many CFM does it have? What method of grease capture? How frequently do you clean it?

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I just had my Thomasville installed and met wtih the Home Depot designer an hour ago. I love the cabinets, but the space was a bit large on mine too. For me it was aesthetics and did not think about the grease problem. I had the installer do some adjusting, and it's much better.

Howver, a few of my doors had slight warping and bowing which added to the space problem. Thomasville will allow up to 5 doors to be replaced without them having to visit your kitchen. You might want to take a closer look at the straightness of them

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