Rough Opening for a Pre-Hung Door

millerjoe49April 10, 2008

I have a rough opening of 33 1/2 inches for a doorway. Am I safe installing a 32 x 80 pre-hung solid door there? Articles I read talk about needing 34 inches for a 32 inch door. I'm wondering if that 1/4 inch on each side will make a difference.

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Yes, the 1/4" will make a huge difference if you need to do any shimming since few door openings are square!

I'd first measure the pre-hung frame to see what it's true width is. I installed a garage ext. door last summer and had more than enough space since the unit was narrower than the 33 1/2" they claimed it to be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info

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As a rule, your header size is 5" wider. When the jack/trimmer studs are in that lessens it by 3". On a 32" door, you would have a 34" r.o.. One thing that you can do is pull one of the jack or trimmer studs and replace it w/ a 3/4 " board. If you have 2x4 framing, replace it with a 1x4,(3/4" x 3-1/2"). If you have 2x6 framing, replace it w/ a 1x6,(3/4" x 5-1/2"). Leave the jack/trimmer stud on the side where the door has hinges as you will want to put longer screws in through the hinges into the jack/trimmer studding.

To save a little trouble, you might check in w/ the mfgr of the pre-hung, as some have a different r.o. spec'd out and 33-1/2" might be okay. The above is a standard.

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I measured the door with the jamb and it measures 33 inches. Like I said previously, I have 33 1/2 inches as a R.O. with a 2x4 as a jack stud. Leaving things the way they are, I'll have 1/4 inch open on each side. I have plenty of space on the top and bottom.

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Sounds good. Just make sure you check each jack stud for plumb and that you have 33-1/2" all the way down. It's going to be a little tight for shimming but if the jack stud is plumb on the hinge side, run the hinge side jamb tight to that jack. You might have to shim a little to keep the jambs straight. If the opening is not plumb and you find a 1/4" each side is not enough, pull the jack opposite the hinge side and replace w/ a 1x4.That will give you more than enough wiggle room for shimming plumb and straight.

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