Lucky me!

quiltnhenSeptember 7, 2012

Attended a local quilt show today and wrote a bid of $70.00 for a silent auction for a gently used Singer Ingenuity, 7436. Can't try it out tonight because there are no bobbins, but it looks like everything else is there! Thought my daughter might like it, but if she doesn't I'm sure a women's shelter would love it.

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Great luck, I'm sure your daughter will like it.


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Congratulations! I won a machine in a shop hop back in Feb. I gave it to a co-worker of hubby's who couldn't afford to buy one.



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Boo hoo. Bought bobbins and cleaned the new machine thoroughly today and started to wind a bobbin. Machine makes noise, no action. OK, so maybe if I hand wind a bobbin I can at least see how it works, right. NOT! Didn't even notice that there was nothing attached to the shank to snap a foot onto. Off to the store tomorrow to see what needs doing and find parts.

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Bummer! I hope it won't take too much $ to get it up and running. :)


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Well it's in the shop now and so far it's been $98.00 before parts!

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DD was delighted to get the machine. After parts and servicing the total cost of my bargain was $190.00, so I'm really glad she liked it. I know, never expect something for nothing. Learned my lesson about checking things out before purchase though!

She hauled it home on BART (for out of staters that Bay Area Rapid Transit), and then onto a bus that connects to her neighborhood in SF. Between the machine, extension table, parts and assorted other heavy things she was hauling I would not have made it a block! I guess 40 is the new 20?

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