What to tip movers?

kathy50October 30, 2008

We are moving from New York to Virginia. A 3 man crew packed us in 8 hours and the same 3 men will unpack us today in about 5 hours (after driving the van 7+ hours. What do we tip these 3 men, if at all?

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Three years ago I moved and had a three man crew that moved us across town. (we did not have them pack us up) I tipped them each $50. You would have thought I gave them a million dollars. I don't think people tip these people very well. For that kind of move, I'd probably give them each $100. (they don't make much money and work pretty darn hard).

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I would tip, only after everything is unpacked,(not boxes) and make sure there is no damage. Also hopefully you have insurance.

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We recently had 3 separate groups of movers - 3 guys who packed on day one, 4 that loaded on day two and the 6 who unloaded at our new home. The 1st two groups we tipped lunch and $20 each - they were all professional, friendly, upbeat and energetic, and efficient, hard workers. The last group was only 'okay' in attitude and work ethic - and a couple of them only earned a half tip because we felt they were grumpy and only wishing for the job to be over with instead of done correctly.

If we'd had only your 3 workers doing the entire job, the tips we gave, not counting lunches, would have worked out to over $86 each.

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At the end of the move, I tipped each member of our moving crew (4 men - 10 hr day) $60 each and the crew leader $100. And of course, lunch/snacks/sodas, etc.

They did a great job and deserved every penny.

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Once we used a local handy-man type service...just a guy & his two boys. It was a 25 mile move and we moved everything but the heavy stuff. They charged us only $300.00 and we gave them an extra $100.00 because they were so nice. One thing I remember is the blanket type thing they used to wrap our TV was dirt (gritty ) and it scratched the screen... I didn't notice until later and I was kinda bummed about that .

We've always been the type that called our friends that had pick-ups and everybody pitched in and we moved in the back of trucks...not too high class, but gotter done!!

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I would go 10-30% depending on effort and conditions, divided evenly between the workers.

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My last move, I packed everything and one set of movers loaded it all into the truck. I provided bottled water and soda for them (they didn't bring anything to drink on a boiling hot day) and tipped the three of them $20 each, which they clearly weren't expecting. It was a fairly simple move, from a 1st floor apartment into the truck.

At the new place, there was one of the original crew and one new guy. They had to lug everything up to a 2nd floor apartment. They had to bring one table in up over the balcony. For doing that, I tipped them each $60. I felt it ought to have been more, but that was all the cash I had on me--I hadn't expected that anything would have to be rigged and hoisted up over the balcony. I also wrote a letter to the moving company saying how much I appreciated their good work.

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Interesting. I never thought about tipping movers, but we haven't moved in over 30 years. We'll be moving a few large items across town soon and I'll have to keep this in mind.

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It depends on how much of your stuff they damage. Arpin Van Lines just moved us. They dumped the drawers out of our Bernhardt dresser onto the concrete driveway. We didn't tip them anything.

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Wow 10-30%???? I moved from Hawaii to CA to the tune of about 20K - No way I would tip like that.

I bought lunch and drinks every day and gave everyone $20. I guess we're cheap!

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We only moved about a mile away and two guys loaded the truck and unloaded it at the new place. I had packed everything. DH tipped the boss $40 and his helper $20. They were cheerful and hard working.

We also had never tipped movers before because the last time we moved was 28 years ago! We moved a very short distance then, too.

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