double vanity vs double shower?

mkg310April 24, 2013

I have a small 1000 sq ft 2bdrm 2bath home and am remodeling the bathroom off the master. My question is do I give up the double vanity for a larger shower or should I give up my larger shower for a smaller vanity? (shower options are corner 40x40 vs rectangular 36x47; vanity options are 72 vs 36 length).

The room is 72x80 with a door (opening out) in the center of an 80" side and a 24x36 window on the near left side (originally intended to go over a toilet). My original plan had the toilet in the near left corner directly to the left as you enter the room, (yes the toilet would just fit so if someone is sitting their legs would be in the doorway- a little tight) with a 40x40 shower in the far left corner and a double vanity on the right wall. I didn't like the size of the 40x40 shower, and was a little concerned about the toilet area so decided to get a 47x36 shower and put it on the far right corner - taking space from the vanity. With this design I moved the toilet onto the back wall beside the shower and have open space under the window. Now I'm feeling uneasy about the single vanity and as I didn't find a 36" with good storage so ended up with a 32" with double drawers (fr Ikea). The toilet has good room however it is now what you see when you enter the room.

Right now it's just me living here, however, eventually two or maybe even two plus may be sharing this home. I do have a shower over the tub in the other bathroom, where there is also a single sink. Input is appreciated!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Keep the shower as it is. A double vanity is preferable. Have you ever stayed anywhere where there is only one sink, and you both need to brush your teeth, look in the mirror, and groom?

A shower serves one purpose. To wash off the dirt. Even a single shower can wash the dirt off two people, as long as one is willing to shiver while the other basks in the warmth of the water.


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In a home that small, neither. Use the additional space if possible to add a powder room or a second bath.

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He's got two baths already why does he need a third?

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Agree you benefit more from second sink vs larger shower--
most people looking to purchase that house will anticipate a smaller shower in house that age/size---so having a double sink will be appreciated...

Have you considered doing something more unconventional -- i.e. using a trough sink that you can add two faucets to vs two conventional sinks design

Saw a guest/child's bathroom where a double sink was used that was a stand alone (no cabinetry)--forget the name for that--
You could add storage either with a taller cabinet or shelving
I think much of conventional sink cabinetry is wasteful --drawers are much more functional than the open storage in the bottom cabinet which is really just enclosing the plumbing...
consider adding a unit that has wicker baskets or just drawers on either side with glass ledge under the mirror...
IF space is at a premium then maximizing storage should be of primary concern in bathroom...

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Seems that you have options for moving that toilet--
anything you can do to shield the toilet/user would be positive move IMO
w/o a diagram it is difficult to get actual feel for how much space you have to work with and what your constraints are...
Are you using a ready-made shower stall vs framing in one?

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I've been living in a house for 24 years that has a single sink, but a 5-foot-long vanity (sink is at one end). We talked about adding a second sink when we remodeled the bathroom several years ago, but it really isn't a big deal at all for us to share a sink. I would much rather have decent storage (drawers) in that space.

Our teenaged sons share a single sink bathroom, and they don't have any problems either.

OP, since it's such a small house, could you add storage instead of a second sink?

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