Attaching Cabinets to a Brick Wall

malhgoldApril 10, 2008

I am considering attaching some upper kitchen cabinets to a brick wall. Is this possible, and if so, how is it done? Thanks

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There are a number of ways to do it. You can mount them directly to the wall. You can mount wood to the wall and screw the cabinets to the wood. You can use a french cleat system and hang the cabinets like a picture.
In all cases you will need to plumb and level the cabinets so they sit correctly and are not racked. Walls are never like this and you need to use shims to get it right.
The method you use will depend somewhat on the layout and how obvious the support system can be.

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I would look into the masonry anchors available to you. The last thing you want is them falling. Give consideration to how much weight there is. Someone would have to confince me that the brick will not crumble.

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Use anchors into the mortar joints (not the brick itself).
For heavily loaded cabinets steel expanding anchors should be used.

It is usually much easier to attach a wood ledger to the brick, then attach the cabinets to the ledger.
With a wood ledger you can spot fasteners as required without worrying about the cabinets.

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Tapcon screws work great. This is how I fastened my cabinets to concrete walls in the basement. Drill a hole in concrete and these screws will screw right into the hole. Makes it all much easier.

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Brickeyee, this is not a disagreement, its curiosity, why is the mortar a stronger hold then the brick it self.

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Tapcons are great in concrete, but i wouldn't trust them in block. Block is much more pourous and not nearly as compressed as concrete. I would use sleeve or wedge anchors.

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There is usually no load rating for the bricks and they are much more subject to cracking from drilling and using expansion anchors.

The same applies to Tapcons.
They are designed for concrete, but can be made to limp in mortar.
Using them in brick or black is a crap shoot at best.

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